Top Documents of the Week

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Hypothesis Social Annotation Tool
  2. Student Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments
  3. Student Guide for Creating a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Discussion
  4. How do I download transcripts of videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas
  5. Canvas for Instructors - How do I download, mark, and re-upload student submissions from assignments?
  6. Canvas - How do I create a Blueprint course?
  7. Student Guide for Uploading a Mobile Video to a Canvas Discussion
  8. How do I use tags to organize and search My Media videos?
  9. Respondus 4 - Manually Import Respondus 4 files into Canvas
  10. Canvas Access - How do I enroll participants in my non-credit course?
  11. Instructor Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentations for Delivery in Canvas
  12. How do I Order and Edit Automated Captions through My Media in Canvas?
  13. Canvas for Instructors - Troubleshooting Guide: Missing Courses
  14. Point Solutions Clickers - How to add Point Solutions to your course in Canvas
  15. Embedding My Media Video in a Canvas Page
  16. Canvas External Tools - About OneNote Class Notebook
  17. Course Size Limits in Canvas
  18. Adding a Table of Contents with anchor tags to a Syllabus in Canvas
  19. Canvas / Microsoft 365 - How do I reset the connection between Canvas and OneDrive?
  20. How do I give Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, or Co-Viewer access to a My Media video?
  21. How do I create an H5P enabled Assignment in Canvas
  22. Recording hand-written presentations using an iPad for delivery in Canvas
  23. Student Guide for Submitting a Video Assignments Created on a Mobile Device
  24. Canvas for Instructors - Replacing/Updating Files in Canvas
  25. Respondus 4 - Printing a Paper Exam
  26. Respondus 4 - Importing word document questions into Respondus
  27. Teaching and Learning Technology - Resources on AI (Including ChatGPT) and Its Impact on Higher Education
  28. Instructor Guide for Student-Created Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments or Discussions
  29. How Do I Upload a Video through My Media to a Canvas Page?
  30. Canvas External Tools - How do I use Films on Demand?
  31. Canvas for Instructors - Course Import Tool
  32. Canvas for Instructors - Renaming Module Items
  33. Canvas for Instructors - SpeedGrader
  34. Canvas - Comparison of Canvas Commons, Ongoing Courses, and Blueprint Courses
  35. How to download a video from My Media?
  36. Canvas External Tools - How do I use WileyPLUS?
  37. Lightboard Information Index
  38. Canvas - Extra Credit Options
  39. How do I find a video in My Media using a Canvas Page
  40. Canvas - Import Scantron grades from the Testing Center to the Gradebook
  41. Fair use and copyright considerations for video in online and blended courses
  42. Respondus 4 - About Arithmetic and Numerical Answer Questions
  43. Instructions for students recording a video for a Canvas course
  44. Canvas for Instructors - Uploading Files to Canvas
  45. How do I find Blackboard Collaborate recordings automatically copied to My Media?
  46. How Do I Embed My Media Videos into my Canvas Course Site?
  47. Canvas for Instructors - Groups
  48. How Do I Change Ownership of a My Media Video?
  49. Instructor Guide to Creating a My Media In-Video Quiz in Canvas
  50. How do I show a blackboard, a whiteboard, or a document camera to students online?
  51. Respondus 4 - Publish a quiz into Canvas with the Publish Wizard
  52. How do I upload a video created on my iOS or Android mobile device to My Media in Canvas?
  53. Combining an existing Zoom account with a UWM-licensed account
  54. Canvas External Tools - About Respondus LockDown Browser at UWM
  55. Canvas External Tools - How do I use Chem101?
  56. Respondus 4 - About Multi-Select and Multiple Answer Questions
  57. Student guide to the Hypothesis social annotation tool
  58. Respondus 4 - Export a Quiz from Canvas to Respondus
  59. Canvas for Instructors - Adding Files to Canvas Modules
  60. Student Guide to Creating Text and Image Presentations Using Word and PowerPoint
  61. Canvas for Instructors - Profiles and User Settings
  62. Canvas for Instructors - Collaborations
  63. Canvas for Instructors - Files
  64. How do I add multiple videos to my Canvas course site using the Media Gallery tool?
  65. Canvas External Tools - How do I use W.W. Norton Learning Tools?
  66. Canvas Administration – What happens to a Canvas course when it is edited in the Schedule of Classes?
  67. Canvas for Instructors - Adding Library Resources in Modules as External URLs
  68. Respondus 4 - How to Install Respondus
  69. Instructor Guide to Student-Created Mobile Video Assignments Submitted Through Canvas
  70. Student Guide to Canvas Notifications
  71. Publishing a video uploaded to My Media in Canvas
  72. Teaching and Learning Technology - Training and Development Opportunities by CETL
  73. Canvas for Instructors - Modules
  74. Canvas Administration - How do I create Canvas Outcomes at the account level for program assessment?
  75. Canvas for Instructors - How do I use department or program level outcomes rubrics for assessment in my course?
  76. Respondus 4 - Import a Quiz to Canvas (Export an Exam or Respondus File to Canvas)
  77. Respondus 4 - Create a Respondus File (to Enter Questions)
  78. Canvas - Account Roles and Permissions
  79. Canvas - Frequently Asked Questions for Collaborative Program Courses
  80. Software options for creating a narrated screen capture presentation
  81. Canvas Access - How do I enroll UW System for-credit students into my course?
  82. Teaching and Learning - Icebreakers for Online Classes
  83. Respondus 4 - About Respondus and How to Start
  84. How do I change my Personal Zoom Settings?
  85. Respondus 4 - About Matching Questions
  86. Canvas - Course Role Checklist and Comparison
  87. Online Courses - Comparison of tools to record or stream your class or event
  88. Providing online access to a film or documentary video
  89. Canvas for Instructors - Rubrics
  90. How do I add a PDF as a enabled reading in the Modules/Home area of Canvas
  91. Canvas for Instructors - Discussions
  92. Recording a Collaborate Ultra session
  93. Respondus 4 - Vendor Documentation
  94. Canvas - What should I do to prepare for the start of my course? (Instructors)
  95. Canvas for Instructors - Rich Content Editor
  96. How do I add a collaborator to a Collaborate Ultra recording through Course Media?
  97. How do I delete/reset My Media video quiz attempts or find student responses to open-ended questions?
  98. Canvas for Instructors - Pages
  99. Using Microsoft Teams for Office Hours and for Messaging with Students
  100. Canvas External Tools - How do I request for a tool to be added to my course?

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