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How do I download transcripts of videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas

This tutorial will provide information about how to download text-based transcripts. These transcripts are created when machine-captions are ordered for videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas.

Before you begin:

  • In order to download transcripts, you must have performed the following tasks.
    • Uploaded a video to My Media in Canvas. A tutorial on this process can be found here:
    • -OR- your video may have been automatically uploaded using the Kaltura Capture tool, rather than uploading a video directly to My Media, as described above. A tutorial on creating a Kaltura Capture presentation can be found here:
    • Ordered and edited machine-captions. An article on this process can be found here:

Step #1

Login to CanvasClick Account in the global navigation on the left. Select My Media.

Step #2

Identify the media file that you'd like to publish and click the blue linked title.

Step #3

You'll see a window displaying a preview of your video. Pull down the Actions menu on the bottom right and select the Caption & Enrich option.

Step #4

Click on the Attachments tab. Locate the transcript file, which will end with the extension .TXT and then click the Download button to the right of this title.

Step #5

The transcript file will download to your local computer. Locate this file, which is usually in the Downloads folder. The file will usually open in the text editing software that is included in your operating system. This is usually "Text Edit" on Mac OS X and "Word Pad" on PC Windows OS.

Step #6 (OPTIONAL)

The transcript can be copied from the text editing software and added to the Notes area on each of your PowerPoint slides.

Step #7 (OPTIONAL)

Once the transcript is copied into the Notes area on each slide in your PowerPoint, you can "print as a PDF" the slides with speaker notes. Here’s a tutorial that shows how to alter the settings: Once altered, select "Print to PDF" to create a PDF document as show below.

Step #8 (OPTIONAL)

Upload the PDF to the Module/Home area of your Canvas course site using these instructions: In this tutorial follow the directions for 1) Open Modules, 2) Add Module Item, 3) Add Item to Module. In this step, select File from the dropdown and skip to the Upload File section. Then skip the next section and complete the tutorial by following the directions for 4) Indent Item, 5) Add Item, and 6) View Module Item.

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