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Instructions for students recording a video for a Canvas course

This article includes instructions for students assigned to record a video for a Canvas course.

In this class, you will record videos of yourself performing assigned tasks. While you will be assessed on the content of your video, it is important that you follow specific technical steps in order for your videos to be viewed successfully.

There are two options available when recording videos. Below is an overview of each choice, the advantages and potential challenges associated with the choice, the steps required to complete the assignment successfully.

Recording a Video Using You Mobile Device

This article gives you directions for:

  • recording the video using an iOS or Android mobile device
  • uploading the video through the Canvas Student App
  • reducing video resolution to ensure that the upload file size is under the 500MB file size limitation for Canvas

This is the preferred method for recording a video for your class, because:

  • You have more flexibility for positioning the camera, and the depth of field is greater for a mobile device rather than the webcam recorder.
  • You can preview and re-record, as needed, to make the presentation as polished as possible.
  • There’s less risk of upload issues associated with slower internet connections.

There are two important considerations that you need to address to successfully submit a video recording:

  • You must ensure that the file size for the final video is less than 500MB. The article above provides instructions for reducing the video resolution to address this issue.
  • When uploading the video, you must be patient and allow the video to upload completely — until the “Successfully submitted” message appears. Do not navigate away from the page during the upload process.

Recording a Video Using the Media Recording Tool from the Canvas Rich-Content Editor

This article gives you directions for:

  • Opening the Media Recording Tool
  • Selecting Microphone and Webcam Options
  • Starting, stopping, previewing, and embedding the video

The advantages of this method include:

  • There are fewer steps required to complete the recording.
  • The recording can be completed using a computer, if you do not have access to a mobile device.

There are three important considerations that you need to address to successfully submit a video recording:

  • Your recording must be less than 10 minutes in length. You should rehearse your recording in advance to ensure that you stay within the time limit.
  • Your must be using a stable internet connection with a minimum internet speed of 512kbps. You may want to run a speed test to ensure that your internet speed is sufficient.
  • You must use up-to-date versions of Chrome or Firefox to record media. Do not use Safari or Edge.



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