Top Documents of the Week

  1. Student Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments
  2. Digital Learning Environment - Computer LockDown and Proctoring Software Options
  3. Canvas - Replace or Update Files
  4. Canvas - How to Create a Blueprint Course
  5. How do I add a Kaltura Classroom Capture recordings to my Canvas course site?
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Hypothesis Social Annotation Tool
  7. Student Guide for Creating a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Discussion
  8. Canvas - Course Storage and Quota FAQ
  9. Canvas - Create Account-Level Canvas Outcomes for Program Assessment
  10. How do I create a screen recording using Kaltura Capture through My Media in Canvas?
  11. Student Guide for Uploading a Mobile Video to a Canvas Discussion
  12. Canvas - Renaming Module Items
  13. Online Courses - Comparison of tools to record or stream your class or event
  14. Digital Proctoring - Proctorio - Landing Page
  15. Respondus Exam Manager - Manually Import Exams Into Canvas
  16. Canvas External Tools - How do I use WileyPLUS?
  17. Canvas for Instructors - How do I give my TA the ability to enter grades?
  18. How do I download transcripts of videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas
  19. Canvas - Course Role Checklist and Comparison
  20. Canvas for Instructors - How do I download, mark, and re-upload student submissions from assignments?
  21. Canvas for Instructors - Announcements
  22. Canvas - External Tools - Request for a Tool to be Added to My Course
  23. Uploading a Video or Audio File to My Media
  24. Digital Proctoring - Tips for Providing Feedback to Students and Planning Makeup Exams
  25. Canvas for Instructors - Rich Content Editor
  26. Canvas for Instructors - Grades
  27. Canvas - When PAWS Enrollments and Section Changes are Made
  28. Canvas - External Tools - About Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor
  29. Teaching and Learning - Preparing Your Canvas Course for the Semester Start
  30. Adding a Table of Contents with anchor tags to a Syllabus in Canvas
  31. Canvas - Help Finding Missing Courses for Instructors
  32. Respondus 4 - Publish a quiz into Canvas with the Publish Wizard
  33. Canvas for Instructors - Basics Workshop
  34. Recording hand-written presentations using an iPad for delivery in Canvas
  35. How do I add a PDF as a enabled reading in the Modules/Home area of Canvas
  36. PointSolutions (TurningPoint) - Getting Started Guide for Instructors
  37. PointSolutions (TurningPoint) - Preparing Your Students
  38. Canvas for Instructors - Collaborations
  39. Canvas for Instructors - Course Import Tool
  40. Canvas Access - How do I enroll UW System for-credit students into my course?
  41. Canvas - Microsoft 365 - How to Reset the Connection Between Canvas and OneDrive
  42. Classroom Technology - Lecture Capture Classrooms
  43. Using Handbreak to convert a video on DVD for online streaming delivery
  44. Troubleshooting issues with viewing My Media videos or video quizzes
  45. Teaching and Learning Technology - Resources on AI (Including ChatGPT) and Its Impact on Higher Education
  46. Student Guide to Creating Text and Image Presentations Using Word and PowerPoint
  47. Using VLC to convert a DVD to a video clip for online streaming delivery
  48. Respondus 4 - Printing a Paper Exam
  49. Instructor Guide to Creating a My Media In-Video Quiz in Canvas
  50. How do I find Blackboard Collaborate recordings automatically copied to My Media?
  51. How do I share a video uploaded to My Media with viewers outside Canvas?
  52. How Do I Upload a Video through My Media to a Canvas Page?
  53. Instructor Guide for Student-Created Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments or Discussions
  54. Respondus 4 - Importing word document questions into Respondus
  55. PointSolutions (TurningPoint) - Getting Started Guide for Students
  56. Canvas for Instructors - Modules
  57. Canvas - Using Department/Program-Level Outcomes and Rubrics for Course Assessment
  58. Canvas - Extra Credit Options
  59. Setting Participation Points in PointSolutions (TurningPoint)
  60. Canvas - Account Roles and Their Permissions
  61. Canvas - Adding Files to Canvas Modules
  62. Point Solutions Clickers - How to add Point Solutions to your course in Canvas
  63. Canvas for Instructors - Analytics
  64. Canvas for Instructors - Files
  65. Combining an existing Zoom account with a UWM-licensed account
  66. Canvas - External Tools - About OneNote Class Notebook
  67. Canvas - Collaborative Question Courses FAQ
  68. Canvas External Tools - How do I use Macmillan Launchpad?
  69. Canvas for Instructors - Course Navigation
  70. Canvas - Extending or Adjusting Quiz and Assignment Dates for a Student
  71. Canvas - About the Inbox
  72. Teaching and Learning - Strategies for Relaxing Before a Quiz
  73. How Do I Embed My Media Videos into my Canvas Course Site?
  74. Canvas - External Tools - About LinkedIn Learning
  75. Digital Proctoring - Guidance on Explaining Proctoring to Students
  76. How do I add multiple videos to my Canvas course site using the Media Gallery tool?
  77. Respondus Exam Manager - About Respondus 4 and How to Start
  78. Proctorio - Getting Started Guide for Instructors
  79. Software options for creating a narrated screen capture presentation
  80. Digital Learning Environment - About External Tools and Tool Change Requests
  81. How do I Order and Edit Automated Captions through My Media in Canvas?
  82. Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor - Training and Webinars for Instructors
  83. How do I edit a video quiz to allow for multiple attempts?
  84. Instructions for students recording a video for a Canvas course
  85. Canvas Administration – What happens to a Canvas course when it is edited in the Schedule of Classes?
  86. Student Guide for Submitting a Video Assignments Created on a Mobile Device
  87. Respondus Exam Manager - About Arithmetic and Numerical Answer Questions
  88. Respondus 4 - Export a Quiz from Canvas to Respondus
  89. Canvas - Adding Library Resources in Modules as External URLs
  90. Teaching and Learning Technology - Training and Development Opportunities by CETL

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