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Student Guide for Submitting a Video Assignments Created on a Mobile Device

Students can use the instructions below to create a video on their mobile device and upload this video to a Canvas Assignment (setup by the instructor) using the Canvas Student App. Your instructor will provide specific assignment details and group work (when appropriate).

If you are an instructor, please also see the Instructor Guide to Student-Created Mobile Video Assignments Submitted Through Canvas, which provides a general overview of the technical steps required for students to create a video on their mobile device and upload this video, as well as instructions for successfully creating a "Media Recordings" Assignment on Canvas.

Before students begin:

In order to successfully upload a video from your mobile device that your instructor can view and grade, you'll need to use the Canvas Student App. 

Download and install the Canvas Student App:

Step #1

Record your video according to the directions provided by your instructor.

Step #2 

Log in to the Canvas Student App, navigate to your course site, and locate the appropriate Assignment, using these instructions:

More help with the Canvas Student App:

Step #3
Tap the Submit Assignment button.
Step #4
If given a choice, tap the Media Recording button. If no choice is offered, skip to the next step.
Step #5
Because you've already recorded your video in advance, your video can be found on your device by tapping the Library button.
Step #6
Tap to select the appropriate video assignment recorded in Step #1.
Step #7
When the video preview is displayed, tap the Choose button.
Step #8
Your video will begin to upload. Depending on the size, this could take several minutes. When the video has been uploaded, you'll receive a "Successfully submittted!" message.

Special considerations for student narrated presentation assignments

There is an upload file size limit of 500MB in Canvas. In most cases, you should not exceed this limit. However, if your video exceeds 500MB, try reducing the resolution of the video. Most mobile devices default to creating high resolution video (1080p), but some phones may be set to record up to 4k resolution. These settings result in very large video files that may not upload to Canvas successfully. For online submissions, a lower resolution of 720p should provide enough information for your instructor to assess your work without exceeding the 500MB file size limit.


Guides for reducing video resolution can be found here:


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