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PantherList Introduction

PantherList is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's email reflector and list service. PantherLists can be created by anyone with a valid ePantherID and allow the user to create a list of email addresses that can be emailed all at once by using the PantherList's address as the recipient. Note: Some users may refer to PantherLists as 'ListServs'.


General Information

With PantherLists, you will be able to:

  • E-mail many people via one email address
  • Control who is on the list.
  • Control who can send to the list
To access PantherList, you will navigate to
The PantherList service is logged into with your normal UWM credentials and multi-factor authentication.  If you have logged into other UWM websites or applications in the past 12 hours, you may not be required to log in and the home screen will just appear on your screen.

You may choose to create passwords for individual PantherLists. Passwords allow users to access the advanced options for PantherList. 

To send messages to a PantherList, simply send an email to '', replacing 'panther-list' with the actual name of the list.

To find advanced settings click on "Display Lists You Own" from the PantherList home page, then click on
"Advanced Options" for a specific list. 

Note: Any other list addresses, such as '', '', or '' are internal PantherList addresses, and cannot be used to post to the list.

List types

PantherLists can be modified so that emails sent to the list are held for moderation before being allowed through to list members.
Possible moderation rules include regulating senders, email size, email attachments, and possible spam. 'Edit or View List Properties' link on the PantherList homepage will allow you to review and update these moderation settings.


The three most common issues with PantherList are:

Logging in

  • PantherList now uses Azure multi-factor authentication. 
  • Users should log in using their UWM credentials and multi-factor authentication method after navigating to
  • If you are having difficulty 'logging in as a group', please call the UWM Help Desk.


Moderation Requests

  • Moderation requests are sent to the list moderators and owners when emails sent to the list do not pass all set rules.
  • Moderators can review emails by selecting 'View Moderation Requests' from the PantherList homepage.
    • If approved, the email is sent through to the list.
    • If disapproved, the email is deleted.
  • To read more about PantherList moderation, view article PantherList (Information) List Moderation

Bounce emails

Sometimes individual list members have an invalid, or otherwise nonfunctional, email address. When this happens, the message 'bounces' back to the sender, with -bounces appended to the PantherList name.

The owner(s), member(s) and moderator(s) may also receive the bounce message, depending on list settings. To resolve this error, you will need to review your list membership and remove any list members whose email address is no longer valid. 


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