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PantherList - Common Questions

This article serves as an FAQ describing common issues faced by users of PantherList.

Common Questions

Why couldn't I create my PantherList?

There are three reasons why list creation might fail:
  1. The listname contains invalid characters or a "reserved suffix". For example, "some.list_name" as a listname would provoke a series of errors, such as "Listname can contain only letters, numbers and underscore or hyphen".
  2. If a hyphen is not included, the "-list" suffix is appended automatically to the submitted list-name.
  3. The desired listname is in use either as a PantherList, reflector, alias, or listproc list. If the listname is in use outside of PantherList, you will get the error: "(listname) is in use". If it is in use within PantherList, you will see: "(listname) is in use on the system".
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Can I change the name of my PantherList?

At this time, there is no functionality to change the name of an existing PantherList. However, you can copy and paste your subscriber list to a local text file on your computer, delete your existing list, create a new list with a new name, and re-subscribe your subscriber list.

How can I change the list type?

If you want to change your existing "Subscriber Only" list to an "Un-Moderated / Open" list type, simply log into PantherList with your ePanther ID and password. Click the Reset List to Default Configuration link. Select the name of the list you would like to reset, and finally, select the type of list to which it should be reset.

For a full explanation of the different types of lists offered, visit, where there is a description of each type of list on the left side of the page.

Why didn't my email go through my PantherList?

The first place to check, if you think a message hasn't been delivered, is your list's moderation queue, usually accessed at a URL like: "" where "YOURLISTNAME" should be replaced with the name of your PantherList.

Your message may have been held up in the moderation queue because:
- You posted to a 'Subscriber Only' list from an address which isn't subscribed to the list. (e.g. Your From: line reads but the address subscribed to the list is
- Your list may be configured to hold all messages for moderator approval.
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Where can I find all the PantherLists?

The list of all advertised PantherLists can be found here: The page will take a while to load so please be patient. Please note this is NOT a comprehensive listing of all PantherLists that exist. It only includes those lists that the owners have chosen to make visible to the public.

To which lists do I belong?

Users can also be subscribed to lists, which means they will receive any emails sent to the PantherList. To find out to which lists a user is subscribed, log into PantherList, then click on the Display names of lists to which you are subscribed link. All PantherLists to which a user is subscribed to and who the owner of each list is.

How can I remove myself from a list?

Depending on the configuration of the list to which you're subscribed, removing yourself may or may not be an option. If you'd like to unsubscribe from a PantherList, visit the list's information page at "" - where "LISTNAME" is the name of the PantherList from which you would like to be removed.

What is safe listing?

A whitelisted address is useful to specify email addresses of people whose postings should be automatically accepted by your list. Messages from any whitelisted address will be automatically accepted with no further moderation applied. To add a one to your list, simply click on the Edit List Properties link from the PantherList main menu, select your list, and add the addresses (one per line) in the text box labeled "Whitelist".

Why are my emails to a PantherList coming from a new email address (ex. instead of my own when I am the sender?

On 5/26/2020 University IT Services made an update to the PantherList service in order to pass DMARC checks. Due to this change, email messages will now appear to be sent by the list address instead of your own. 

Why are my email inbox rules not working for my PantherList?

On 5/26/2020 University IT Services made an update to the PantherList service in order to pass DMARC checks. Due to this change, inbox rules pertaining to PantherList may need to be recreated. Please see the following documentation for creating inbox rules in Outlook:

When members reply (but don't reply-all) to a message from my list, the composed message is addressed to both the original sender and the list itself. Shouldn't that only occur with a reply-all?

Following the change made to the PantherList service on 5/26/2020 to allow messages to pass DMARC checks, when replying to a list message, users may notice both the original sender as well as the list address appear as recipients. This occurs when the user is a member of a child PantherList that is a member of another PantherList.
For example, Bob is a member of, which is a member of the list. When Bob receives a message from the and replies to it, he notices that his reply is composed to both the original sender as well as 
To address this issue, users need to remove the list from the recipients being replied to. Also, list owners can make members of the child lists direct members of the parent list and remove the child list as a member of the parent list.


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