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Windows 10 - Add UWMWifi to Device

This article will provide instruction on how to add UWMWifi to Windows 10 device. This can be used for laptops, Surface tablets and other Windows 10 machines. For additional instruction for visitors or eduroam, please refer to this link.

How to Set Up WiFi on a Windows 10 Machine

Note:  To  complete  the  set-up  process  and  connect,  you  must  be  in  a  building  with  UWM  WiFi.  Visit  the  Student Union,  Golda  Meir  Library  and  other  select  UWM  buildings.

1. Make sure the Wi-Fi on your Windows 10 machine is turned on. The Wi-fi icon on the bottom right of your task bar should have an asterisk (*) next to it.

2. Click on icon, and a list of available Wi-Fi spots will pop up. Click on UWMWiFi

3. Click on UWMWifi and enter in your ePanther ID and Password.

Note:If this screen does not appear, you may have already set up this network at some point, and now you must "forget" the network to obtain the login screen. If you do not know how to forget a network, click here for more information

4. Hit the OK button and UWMWiFi will verify credentials. 

5. Hit the Connect Button.

6. You are now connected to UWMWiFi.

Note: If you are unable to connect to the UWMWiFi after these steps, try to forget the saved networks. See the articles below on how to forget saved networks.

  1. Chrome OS - Forget a Saved WiFi Network   
  2. Android - Forget a Saved WiFi Network   
  3. macOS - How to Forget a WiFi Network
  4. Windows 10 - Forget a Saved WiFi Network
  5. iOS - Forget a Saved WiFi Network

Note: If you are unable to connect to the UWMWiFi after following these steps, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 1-877-381-3459.

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