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Canvas - What should I do to prepare for the start of my course? (Students)

This article lists resources and best practices to help students successfully use technology during their semester at UWM.

Finding your courses in Canvas

All your courses will be listed on your Dashboard, or in your Courses list. You should adjust favorites so the desired courses are on your Dashboard.

Prepare your computer

Make sure your computer’s software is up-to-date - Update Windows computers, Update Mac computers

Use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Download Chrome, Download Firefox. Using other browsers may introduce technical problems.

  • Chrome is the preferred browser overall.
  • Firefox is the preferred browser for students who rely on accessibility tools.
  • If using Microsoft Edge, ensure you are using the latest possible version on Windows 11 or 10. Do not use Microsoft Edge on older versions of Windows.
  • Do not use Safari unless no other alternatives are available.

Prepare Your Mobile Device

Note: Students who are unable to afford a computer or internet service may be able to get technology on-loan from the university or purchase a computer at a steep discount. View the Dean of Students information on computer loans and surplus technology for more information.

When possible, use a computer to conduct your coursework.

If you are using mobile devices to access your course, use apps to access university services as a best practice.

Check with your instructor to determine if other mobile apps are needed or suggested.

Prepare your internet connection

If you need internet service, check with your housing to see if service is provided as part of your lease. If your housing does not provide internet, search for internet providers in your area.

Once connected, conduct an internet connection speed test. If your internet connection is slow (< 5Mbps) or fluctuates, consider contacting your ISP for assistance. 

You may be able to use a public WiFi hotspot to conduct your work. If you are unable to afford internet, the Dean of Students may be able to help. View the Dean of Students information on computer loans and surplus technology for more information.

If you are using a public WiFi hotspot or cellular internet, a VPN is recommended.

Is something not working on the web?

Prepare your webcam and microphone

Always test your webcam video and mic audio when using Zoom or Teams.

Where to go for assistance

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