ePanther Account - Password Expiration

In accordance with UW System Administrative Policy 1030, UWM will begin expiring account passwords every 180 days. Expiration notifications will appear during the login process to UWM affiliated applications such as D2L, pantherLIST, My UW System Portal, EZProxy, etc., two weeks prior to your password expiration date. You can use the UWM password change webpage to set a new password.


Note: If you have your ePanther password saved in your web browser, we recommend deleting it using the steps in the Saved passwords in web browsers section of this article before proceeding.

ePanther Password expiration information 

Over the next few months UWM faculty, staff, and students will each receive an email notification alerting them of their upcoming ePanther password expiration date. Additionally, you will begin to see this warning message when logging into services such as (but not limited to) D2L, My UW, pantherLIST, Library EZproxy, HRS and others:

You will need to change your password prior to its expiration date using the UWM password change webpage. You can also check the status of your password expiration at any time using the What's My Info utility. If you have any questions about ePanther expiration or changing your ePanther password, please contact the Help Desk at (414) 229-4040, toll free at (877) 381-3459, visit Bolton Hall 225, or submit a request online at gettechhelp.uwm.edu

What to do if your password has expired 

If you do not change your password prior to your password expiration date, you will then see these messages when logging into UWM services:

D2L, My UW, pantherLIST, etc. (1Login)


Office 365

You can then proceed to the UWM password change webpage to set a new password. After setting a new password, it may take up to an hour to regain access to some services such as Office 365.  You may continue to see messages such as "Your account has been locked" or "Oops.  Something went wrong." until your service is fully restored.

Please note that you must proceed to the ePanther Password Change webpage to set a new password and it is not possible to change your password via the Office 365 portal (using the Forgot my password) link.

University-owned Windows computers

If you have a University-owned Windows computer that is regularly connected to the campus network, you will receive a notification starting within 7 days of your impending password expiration date:

Windows 10

Windows 7

If you click Reset Password on the notification, a browser window to the UWM password change webpage will open and you can change your password. Alternatively, you can click Dismiss to close the notification until the next day. 

Laptops (off campus)

If you have a University-owned Windows laptop and plan to be off-campus for an extended period of time, we recommended using the What's My Info utility to check the expiration status of your password. If your password is due to expire before your planned return to campus, please change your password prior to your departure and log in to your University-owned laptop with the new password while it is connected to the campus network. This will ensure that your account information on your laptop is updated and you will then be able to log in using your new password while disconnected from the campus network. If you need to change your ePanther password due to expiration or an upcoming expiration date while you are off-campus, please follow the instructions for University-owned Windows computers.

After changing your ePanther password while off-campus, you will need to sync the account information on your laptop with your updated ePanther password. This will allow you to subsequently login to your laptop using the new password.  On University-owned Windows laptops, you can do this by following these steps:

1. Once your password has been changed, connect to the UWM VPN service using your new password. If you have not already downloaded and configured the Pulse Secure VPN client, you can follow the instructions in the KnowledgeBase article.

2. After successfully connecting to the UWM VPN service, lock your Windows session by using 
Win+L or by using  Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then selecting Lock.

3. Unlock your Windows session by entering your new ePanther password.

UWMWiFi Saved Passwords

Once you change your ePanther password, any of your devices that were previously configured to automatically connect to UWMWiFi will prompt you to re-enter your password once you are within range of UWMWiFi. After re-entering your password, your devices will store the updated password and then resume automatically connecting to UWMWiFi.

Updating saved passwords in applications

After changing your ePanther password, you may want to update it in any applications where it has been previously saved.

Saved passwords in web browsers

If you previously saved your ePanther password in your web browser in order to log in to into services such as (but not limited to) D2L, My UW, pantherLIST, Library EZproxy and HRS, you can follow the instructions in the How To View, Change, and Delete Saved Passwords in a Web Browser KnowlegeBase article to update them.

Apple Mail

If you use the Apple Mail client, you will need to update your UWM Office 365 account password in the application:

1. Click Mail in the toolbar and select Accounts...:

2. Select your UWM Office 365 account on the left-hand side of the Internet Accounts screen and then click the Details... button:

3. Update your password in the Password field in the Exchange account details screen.

Android mail and calendar apps

If you use the native (stock) mail and calendar apps on an Android device, you will need to update your password:

1. Tap on the Settings icon.

2. Tap Accounts

3. Tap Microsoft Exchange.

4. Tap Email Settings.

5. Tap your UWM Office 365 account.

6. Scroll down and under server settings, select Exchange server settings.

7. Update your password to your new password and tap Save.

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