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ePanther Accounts (How To) - Request an Instructor or Staff Account

This article explains the process for sponsoring University guests who need an ePanther Account. They may include visiting scholars, unpaid interns, volunteers, consultants or non-employees who serve in some capacity for a sponsoring department. They may also include non-UWM students or program participants requiring access to UWM IT resources.

Request an Instructor Account

  1. Login at Registrar Utilities and select Instructor from the Other drop-down in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Choose whether the person for whom the sponsored account will be created is already in PAWS or not:
  4. Fill out the fields on the subsequent form and click Submit when complete.
  5. The request will be sent to Identity and Access Management for review and account creation. Please note that while IAM does its best to address requests as they are received, it may take up to two weeks for the account to be created.  

UWM campus computing accounts can only be provisioned for formally verified users.

Accordingly, before a request for a new employee account can be implemented, all HR forms and paperwork must be:

  1. Completed
  2. Approved by the Personnel Representative (PREP) of the prospective account holder's division (school, college, or administrative department)
  3. Entered by the UWM Campus' Department of Human Resources.

This process is necessary to ensure the security of vital campus systems and to prevent unintended user account duplication. Please contact your division's Personnel Representative for further information.

PREPs or authorized individuals may submit Sponsored Guest Account requests for new employees if paperwork is delayed. The IAM Team will create these types of accounts one (1) week prior to the individuals start date. The account will expire after two (2) weeks if the paperwork is not submitted/completed.

Please submit one form for each sponsored guest.

Request a Staff Account

Please go to the following web address and fill out all fields:
The Identity and Access Management team will then get this form and decide whether or not to create the account.
  • If approved, the account will be created and the sponsor will be alerted.
  • If denied, the sponsor will be alerted of the denial and further conversation can take place with IAM at that time.

Requests for Student accounts should be redirected to the Registrar's Office for review. 

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