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PAWS - Designate Access

This article shows how a user can create a Designate Account on PAWS for other individuals such as Parents or Legal Guardians to use for PAWS. Users are limited to create three Designated Access accounts.


Designate Access Account is Being Sent to Sign In with Microsoft 365

If your designate access account is being directed to Microsoft 365, that means either the password or username is incorrect. 

Create a Designated Access Account

  1. Log onto your PAWS account.
  2. Select Student Information Release under the Personal Information section.
  3. After reading the FERPA Rights, click on the Designate Access button.
  4. After reading the conditions, click on the box for I agree to these conditions.
  5. Click Create Account.
  6. You can title the This Account is For then create a password and confirm it.
  7.  Select the Access you wish to allow the Parent/Legal Guardian to have using the Give or Deny Access drop down menu.
  8. Click on Save at the bottom of the page.

If you have access to your Office 365 School E-Mail account, you will also receive a message confirm the account creation as well as a link to the Acceptable Use Policy

The following video provides instructions on creating and logging into a Designated Access Account:

Reset a Password for a Designated Access Account

  1. Go to the Designated Access page, following steps 1-3 from the previous section.
  2. Click on Reset Password for an account.
  3. Enter in a password and confirm the password that meets UWM's password requirements. For a guide on UWM's password requirements click the following link: UW Milwaukee - How To - Password Complexity Requirements
4. Hit Save.

You will get two messages in your Office 365 E-Mail account confirming that you reset the password for that particular Designated Access account.

Lock a Designated Access Account

  1. Go to the designated access accounts page, following the first few steps from the previous section.
  2. Use the drop down bars and select Deny Access for all three.
  3. Hit Save.


When you refresh the page, it will say that that particular designated account is locked. To unlock it, just select on of the options' drop down menu and select Give Access.

View All Designated Access Accounts 

Note: the page to view all Designated Access Accounts will not appear if you do not have any Designated Access Accounts affiliated with your PAWS. 

  1. Under Personal Information, click Grant Access to Others.
  2. View your current accounts.

Replace an Old Designate Account

  1. Under Personal Information, click Grant Access to Others.
  2. View your current accounts.
  3. Select the account you would like to replace.
  4. Click Reset Password.
  5. Enter a new name in the This Account Is For.
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Confirm the new password.
  8. Choose what areas this new account may access.
  9. Click Save.

Note: Account access is not reset by the University. Created accounts will be active for as long as the student’s PAWS account is active. Students are responsible for all updates to logins and passwords for each account.

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