Use Software Center to install programs or updates

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Use Software Center to install programs or updates

Applies to: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Install Applications, Printers, and Updates using Software Center on Windows 10

Install Applications, Printers, and Updates using Software Center on Windows 10

You can use the Software Center to install apps, updates, and printers on any University-owned PC running Windows 10.

In This Article...

  1. Opening the Software Center
  2. Installing Applications and Printers
  3. Installing Printers (additional info)
  4. Installing Updates
  5. Troubleshooting Software Center problems

Opening the Software Center

Begin by clicking the Windows search bar and search for Software Center. (#1 in screenshot below)

The Software Center app will appear in the search results. Click the app to open the Software Center. (#2 in the screenshot below).


After clicking the Software Center application, the Software Center opens.


Installing Applications and Printers

In order to begin installing new software, make sure the Applications tab at the left of the window is selected. This will give you a list of applications available for you to install.

You may browse the list of all available applications, or use the search bar (indicated by the green arrow) to find specific apps. 

  • Note: Printers are installed in the same way as software applications. They appear as applications in the list, and their name will begin with "Printer."
    • For more details on installing printers, see "Installing Printers" below.
  • If you need to install an application or printer that is not listed in the Software Center, you can submit a support request

Select the software you would like to install by clicking it. Once you have chosen the software you would like to install, click the Install button.


Once you click the Install button the software will begin to download and install. 

You can check the progress of an installation using the Installation Status on the left-hand navigation menu.


Once installed, the Installation Status tab will display the application as Installed.

If the installation fails, the Installation Status tab will say Failed and present the option to Retry. For best results, try rebooting your PC before retrying the installation. A reboot will solve many kinds of software installation problems.

Installing Printers

Printers are installed the same way as applications.

From inside the Applications tab, search for an application called Printer to see your available printers. The printers will be named for the building and room number they are located in. Simply click the printer you want and then click Install.

  • Note: PS or UFR?
    • The same Canon printer may appear twice in the software center, one with _PS at the end of its name and the other _UFR. You can install either printer or both. 
    • For best print quality results:
      • Use UFR printing if you mostly intend to print office documents.
      • Use PS printing when trying to print photos/pictures in high quality, especially with color.

In the example below, the application called Printer - bol225a_ps is used to add a printer located in Bolton hall room 225. 


If you do not see the printer you want to map in Software Center, please submit a support request!

Installing Updates

Windows updates can be installed manually by clicking the Updates menu item in the Software Center.

New updates released by Microsoft will be appear as "available" in your Software Center starting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Updates will be installed automatically one week after they become available. For more information, see: Windows Updates

Troubleshooting Software Center Problems

A list of frequent problems and solutions are described below:

Software Center can not be loaded error


If you receive this error message, make sure your computer is connected to the UWM network (wired or wireless).

If your computer is located off-campus, you must connect to the GlobalProtect VPN

No available apps appear in Software Center

Make sure you are on a UWM network: wired connection on-campus, UWM WiFi, or the GlobalProtect VPN.

App installation fails

Try rebooting the PC and attempt the software installation again after the reboot. If problems persist, contact IT Support!

Cannot find Software Center

This can happen if the computer has been off the UWM network for a very long time. Connect to the VPN or take the computer to UWM.

Leave the computer powered on and connected to the network overnight so it can self-repair.


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