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Map Shares from a macOS computer

Use method 1 for University-managed Macs. Method 2 can be used on any Mac whether it is personally owned or University-managed.

One of these requirements MUST be met prior to attempting to connect:
  1. Be physically on UWM campus connecting to the wired or wireless campus networks, or
  2. Be connected to the GlobalProtect VPN service

Method 1 - Applies to University Managed Macs

  • Launch the Self Service app.
  • Find the app called Mount Network Shares and click the Mount button.

Method 2 - Applies to any macOS computer (personally owned or University-managed)

  • Launch Finder (Option+Command+Space)
  • Select Go in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Connect to Server...

  • In the Server Address field, enter smb:// and click Connect
  • Click the plus button "+" under the Favorite Servers: field to add the share as a favorite

  • A dialog notifying an attempted connection will appear, click OK
  • Enter your UWM credentials when prompted, you may choose to store them in Keychain at this time.

  • Inside the Shares drive, you will find folder links (similar to Aliases) that point to different storage resources on campus. There will be two types of folder links:
    • Temporary links begin with underscores and are shortcuts that mimic those 160+ network drives. These folders will be gradually restructured to make network files more accessible by bringing group share folders to the top level. Individually shared folders in those network drives will receive their own permanent link, with the temporary links being eliminated.
    • Permanent links are folder names that do not begin with underscores. These links point to a campus resource used across departments and whose structure will not be reorganized. For example, the Scan folder is used by many departments and it will be found at /Volumes/Shares/Scans. The content and layout of this folder will remain the same.

Note: Here is an example of what this might look like:


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