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Remote Lab Access Guide (macOS)

Guide for macOS users accessing a UWM lab computer from an off-campus location

Classification: Security Information and Event Management > Secure Computing > Remote Access Request

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Application

The Microsoft Remote Desktop application is required to access the remote machine.

1. Most UWM Apple computers have this pre-installed, search Spotlight for Remote Desktop or look in the Applications folder. 

If Microsoft Remote Desktop is not installed, you can download it from Self Service (if UWM provisioned) or from the macOS App Store (Link) on a personal device.

Install the Firefox browser 

The Firefox browser is required to access the Remote Lab reservation system in macOS.

2. Search Spotlight for Firefox or look in the Applications folder.

If Firefox is not installed, you can download it from Self Service (if UWM provisioned) or directly from

Download and connect GlobalProtect VPN

The GlobalProtect VPN Agent must be downloaded and connected before starting a remote lab session.

3. Download and install the VPN using these instructions:

4. Connect to the VPN following these instructions:

Begin Remote Lab Session

5. Navigate to the URL in Firefox.

6. Log in using your ePantherID and password.

NOTE: do not include Doing so will prevent you from making a connection to the remote lab machine.

website login

7. If you have multiple lab pools available, select the pool you require to proceed.

NOTE: Users that only require general lab access will not see the below screen and should proceed to step 8.

Select Lab Pool

8. Click the green "Make My Reservation" button to reserve your remote lab PC.

create reservation

9. Click the green Connect To Remote Lab button to begin the RemoteLabReservation.rdp download.


10. Open the download to launch the Remote Desktop Connection for your Remote Lab Reservation.

11. Click Continue


12. Enter in your ePantherID password and click OK to begin the Remote Lab connection.

End Remote Lab Session

Sign out when finished using the remote lab Windows PC using the steps below:

13. Click the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of the remote Windows PC.

start button

14. Click on the person icon and Sign Out


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