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Internal Process (Desktop Support) Bitlocker Recovery

Windows computers are encrypted using Bitlocker Drive Encryption. If upon booting your computer you are prompted with the message "enter the recovery key for this drive" or "Please enter the recovery password for this drive" you will need to contact IT support staff to get your recovery password. See the article below for details.

Bitlocker Recovery Screen

The screen shots below show pictures of the Bitlocker Recovery screen for Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. If you see this screen, you will need to contact IT support to get your recovery password.
Bitlocker Recovery screen

What causes this error?

Bitlocker Drive Encryption is designed to prevent an attacker from accessing files on your computer's drives before the computer is booted. Changes to the hardware configuration (such as installing new expansion cards or moving a disk to a different computer) or updates to the firmware of the computer can trigger a Bitlocker recovery event. 


You will need to enter the 25-character recovery password to unlock the computer. IT staff can provide this password for you. To get the password, please do the following:
  1. Find the Computer Name or Service Tag of the device that you need the recovery password for. You will need to provide this information to IT support staff.
  2. Contact IT support, preferably by calling (414) 229-4040.
  3. Request your Bitlocker Recovery Password.
  4. For security purposes IT support staff will verify your identity.
  5. IT staff will provide your recovery password by one of the following methods:
    • A return phone call
    • An in-person appointment on-campus
After entering the password, you should be able to boot normally.
After booting and logging in, you should restart your computer to verify that the Bitlocker Recovery screen does not occur a second time.
If it does, this could indicate a problem with your computer's configuration that should be addressed by IT support staff.

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