Instructor Guide to Creating a My Media In-Video Quiz in Canvas

This article provides information, including links to step-by-step tutorials, on creating in-video quizzes through the My Media tool in Canvas.

Before you begin: 

Video quizzes are not designed to assess student performance. They are intended to provide students with instant feedback on their performance and to promote student engagement with the materials. They should not be used to replace Canvas quizzes. Video quizzes are not as stable as Canvas quizzes. While grades will flow to the grade book, there can be issues with the scores. Please see the "Supporting Student" section below. 

In addition, there’s no way to set a time limit on a video quiz or extend the time. In general, the functionality for grading video quizzes is not as sophisticated as with Canvas quizzes. Videos quizzes should be used as a "pre-test" or "practice test" that is worth a very small percentage of the final score, and Canvas quizzes should remain the primary method to assess student performance. 

Uploading a video for a video quiz:

The video quiz tool is enabled in your Canvas account. You can upload a video through My Media, using “Part A” (skip "Part B”) in these instructions:

Creating a video quiz:

Once the video is uploaded, you can access the video in the My Media area from the Account tab in Canvas. Here are instructions for creating an in-video quiz, including adding multiple choice, true/false, short answer, or pop-up comments at any point in the video:

Linking the video quiz to an Assignment in your Canvas course site:

Once you are finished with the video quiz, you’ll need to add the quiz to an Assignment that is linked to Modules (in the Home area) in your Canvas course site. Use these instructions to add an Assignment to Modules: Be sure to select “New Assignment” in the "Add New Item” step. 
Once the Assignment is created, edit the Assignment and follow these instructions for setting the Assignment details: When selecting the Assignment Group, it is recommended that you include In-video Quizzes in an Assignment Group that is worth a small percentage of the final grade. Video quizzes should be used to engage students and allow student to check knowledge. They should not be used to assess students or for grades that encompass a large portion of the final grade. In the "Select Submission Type” step, select the “External Tool” option and follow the steps in this tutorial: Then return to the Assignment Details instructions (above) to complete the assignment setup beginning at the "Edit Due and Availability Dates” step.

Supporting students:

Please advise your students to use either Chrome or Firefox to take the video quiz. Students should not use Edge, IE, or Safari. Here’s more information you can provide to help alleviate potential issues:

In isolated cases, video quizzes may not send a grade to the Canvas Grades area:
  • Students who do not complete a video quiz within four hours. The video can be submitted, but the quiz results will not be passed to the Canvas gradebook.
  • Students who enter the video quiz assignment in Canvas before the "Available Until" date and time, but finish the quiz after the assignment has closed.
  • Students who have a problematic internet connection while watching and responding to a Kaltura video quiz.
  • Students with privacy or ad-blocking software may have issues with the grade being passed to the Canvas gradebook.

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