Access - Instructor access to Canvas/other services before the semester start

This article provides guidance for instructors at UWM on how to gain access to Canvas and other services before the semester starts. It outlines the necessary steps for departments and schools to assign courses in PAWS, the impact of the HR hiring process on service access, and options for maintaining active accounts during employment gaps.

An instructor can access UWM services, but does not see course rosters in PAWS

The department, school or college must assign courses to instructors in PAWS. Instructors and departments/programs should contact their school or college SoC coordinator for assistance. Once an instructor is assigned a course in PAWS, it can take up to 24 hours for their courses to become available in Canvas.

An instructor sees courses in PAWS, but not Canvas

Instructors should review the missing course troubleshooting guide and contact support as-needed.

An instructor is unable to access any UWM service

Access to UWM services is driven by the HR hiring process, and the school/college process of assigning courses to instructors. Once an instructor's hiring is complete, they will gain access to UWM services. Depending on the time of year, there may be other ways for an instructor to get access to UWM resources.

For information on how to activate a new instructor's digital identity, refer to the UWM Identity and Access Management website.

Four weeks before the start of a semester

The hiring school/college or department should visit the Registrar's Office Online Requests site to submit an Instructor request via the "Other" menu. Once the request is complete, the school/college or department can assign the instructor to their courses in PAWS. After 24 hours of assigning an instructor, they will be able to access UWM services, including Canvas. 

More than four weeks before the start of a semester

Instructor accounts are active based on active employment in HRS. Processes are in place to allow instructor accounts to remain active between semesters or small breaks in employment. A significant break in employment, however, may cause an instructor account to be locked. 

Re-employment will re-activate instructor accounts. It can take 24-48 hours for for re-activation. 

If an instructor's UWM digital identity is inactive, and re-employment is not an option, departments, schools, and colleges may be able to re-activate an instructor's digital identity by requesting a sponsored account. Please note the sponsored account process cannot be used in all cases. Individuals must hold an active affiliation with UWM and meet specific criteria. See "Account - Creating a Sponsored Account" for more information.

If an instructor needs to develop their coursework or prepare for the coming semester before hiring is possible, sponsors are advised to use the "Visiting Scholar" guest type.

Importantly, if a sponsored account is provisioned, instructors will be able to access their past Canvas courses, but the process is not designed to allow courses to be assigned to instructors in PAWS. This means instructors will not be able to access their future courses automatically. Instructors will be able to develop future courses in Canvas by requesting a sandbox course. Instructors can contact CETL for additional information.

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