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PAWS (Information) Customize Page Utility

Customize Page is a feature for UWM that allows a user to identify what fields the cursor will tab to next in a sequence. For example, going from one data entry field to another data entry field. Page customization is available on any PAWS page which includes the Customize Page link in the upper right of the page. Page customization allows you to:
  • Set a specific tab to come to the front when calling up that component
  • Save the state of expanded/collapsed sections on a page
  • Save the View All settings on a page
  • Change the order in which the cursor tabs between fields

Setting the tab order on a page allows you to set how the cursor moves around the page when you press the Tab key. For example, you may want the cursor to only Tab between text fields. There are four components involved in setting the tab order:

  • Include In Tabbing Order and Remove From Order – Each potential tab stop on the page can either be excluded from the order or included in the order. Fields which are currently a part of the tabbing order are marked with a blue number link (i.e. 19). Fields which are currently not a part of the tabbing order are marked with an x link.
  • Move Up In Order and Select Move Down In Order – The numbers next to fields represent the order in which the cursor moves between the fields. Fields can be moved earlier or later in the order by changing the number.

The Customize Page link is available on most pages in PAWS, and therefore does not have a specific navigation path.

Important Information

  • Customizing a page enables you to “hide” fields. Before applying customizations that hide fields, consider various data entry scenarios to ensure all data you may need will display. If you need to contact the Help Desk staff for assistance, notify them if you have customized pages, as they may need to be reset.
  • Inquiry only access on a page will still display the Customize Page link, however, when the Page Customization appears no numbers or X’s will be assigned to data fields.
  • It is also important to note that these customizations are user specific and may or may not carry forward when patches and fixes are applied to the PAWS system. Please keep track of your Customize Settings so you can reapply them if they are lost during regular maintenance cycles.

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