Postman - How do I run a collection?

This article reviews how to run a collection of Postman API calls repeatedly, optionally with a data file such as CSV.

What is running a collection?

Running a collection involves using a CSV file to run one or more API calls with multiple sets of information. If a CSV has 5 rows, running a collection will run the same set of API calls for each row.

About CSVs and collections

To run a collection, variables must be used in the individual API calls. For more information on using varialbes in API calls, refer to the following article: Postman Learning Center - Variables - Accessing variables in the request builder.

For information on how to craft a CSV file for use in Postman collection running, refer to the following article: Postman Learning Center - Working with data files.

If a CSV file has a heading "ID", the API call in postman would refer to {{ID}} for either Query Parameters or Path Variables.

How to run a collection

To run a collection, an environment smut be set-up, any data (i.e. CSV files) must be prepared, and collections must be installed.

  1. In Postman, click the Runner button at the top of the Postman window. The Collection Runner window will appear.
  2. Under "Choose a collection or folder", select the folder containing the collection to run.
  3. Click the Environment menu and choose the environment to use.
  4. Click the Select File button if your collection requires a data file.
    1. If using a data file, click the Preview button to verify Postman understands the data.
  5. Click the Start Run button.

A new window will appear to display the outcome of the run. If any entry in the list is red, the run failed in some way. Attempt to troubleshoot the issue, or contact a technologist who supports your use of Postman.

Finishing a run

Once a run is concluded, all windows may be safely closed.

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