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Microsoft MFA (How To) Enroll a Hardware Token from a Sign-in Prompt

If you have not yet enrolled in Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and have a preconfigured hardware token (fob), follow the steps below to enroll in Microsoft MFA using the token and an additional method (Microsoft Authenticator App, phone number, alternate email address or security questions).

Note: You must have a preconfigured, Azure MFA hardware token to complete these steps. Duo hardware tokens will not work with Microsoft MFA.

  1. Sign in with your UWM email address and password.


  2. The next screen will prompt you to authenticate; press the button on the left side of the hardware token and enter the 6-digit code from the token screen in the Code text box.


  3. Once the code is entered, you can click the Don't ask again for 14 days checkbox so you do not have to authenticate on this computer and browser for 14 days.


  4. Click the Verify button to move on to the next step.

  5.  You will see the More information required screen. Click the Next button to move on to the next step.


  6. The Keep your account secure screen appears. Notice the checkmark above the App option in the upper left corner of the screen, this indicates that the hardware token is configured and set up for your account. You will now need to add in an additional authentication method.


  7. If you would like to use a phone number, choose your country code, enter your 10-digit phone number including area code and then choose to either have Microsoft Text me a code or Call me. Follow the prompts on the screen to configure the method you choose.

    Note: Do not use a Microsoft Teams phone number in this section; Microsoft Teams is authentication dependent.


  8. If you want to configure a different authentication option, click the I want to set up a different method link at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Click the drop-down arrow in the Choose a different method box to see the additional options of Email and Security questions.

    Note: The alternate email and security questions options will only work for password recovery and cannot be used for MFA authentication.


  10. If you choose email, enter a non-UWM email address in the box and follow the prompts on the screen to configure your alternate email address.


  11. If you choose Security questions, choose three security questions from the list and provide answers.


  12. When you have finished configuring your second factor, you will see the following screen displaying your two chosen methods:


  13. Click Done to complete the configuration process. You will now be taken to the app that you signed into.

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