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Microsoft 365 (Apple iCal/Calendar) - Create Groups

This document explains how to create groups with Apple iCal (Mac OS 10.5-7) or Calendar (Mac OS 10.8-9).

Create Groups

Apple iCal/Calendar provides no mechanism for creating, modifying, or deleting groups. However, one can use the Address Book application (called Contacts in OS 10.8-9) to create groups from entries in one's local address books. 

To create a group in the Address Book or Contacts application:

  • Open the Address Book or Contacts application (you can do this from within iCal/Calendar--from the menu bar select Window -> Address Book or Contacts).
  • If necessary, search for UW-affiliated individuals by selecting the entry you have for the White Pages under Directories as the directory to search.


  • In the Search field at the top right, type your search terms.
  • A results list is displayed. Click and drag the item in the search results you want over to an address book under the section On My Mac. It may be useful to have a separate address book for UW affiliated people, e.g., UW People into which you can put the search results.


  • From the menu bar select File -> New Group.


  • Select a set of entries in an address book (use CMD-Click to select more than one) and Click-and-Drag the set to the group address book.


  • Alternatively, you can select multiple entries, then to create a group for them, from the menu bar select File -> New Group from Selection, then type a name in the field that is displayed.


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