Password Manager Pro (PMP) - Import Accounts from Thycotic into PMP

This article shows the process for importing accounts into Password Manager Pro from a CSV file.

1. Export the accounts from Thycotic that you you wish to import into PMP and ensure they are in a CSV file formatted with at least the following columns:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Notes (optional)
  • Resource Name
Here is an example of a properly formatted CSV that is ready to be imported into PMP:

Note: In the CSV file, the account entries can be present in any order. If a resource contains multiple user accounts, then the resource fields will have to be repeated for each user account in the CSV file. If you specify a resource name that already exists in PMP, the accounts will be added to the existing resource. If a resource with the specified name does not exist, a new one will be created.

Additionally, you can import AD accounts into the existing AD - Domain Resource resource for your area by specifying it in the Resource Name field in your CSV file. In our example CSV, AD accounts are being imported into the existing AD - Domain Resource - IAM resource.

2. Navigate to the Resources tab in PMP. Click the Add Resource drop-down menu and select Import from File:

3. In the dialog box that appears, select Comma Separated and Normal file and then attach your CSV by browsing for it and click Next:

4. On the next screen, in the Map Resource Attributes section, map the Resource Name field from your CSV to the Resource Name attribute in PMP:

5. In the Map Account Attributes section, map the Username, Password, and Notes fields to the User Account, Password, and Notes attributes in PMP.

Note: If the CSV of accounts you are importing contains resource names of already existing resources, they will not be added to PMP by default. If you want these to be added to the existing resources, you need to select the Overwrite existing resources option.

6. Then, click Finish to begin the import process.

7. After the resources have finished importing, ensure to change each resource from the default Unknown resource type to the appropriate Resource Type by selecting the resource, then going to the Resource Actions menu and selecting Edit Resource:

8. Then, click the Resource Type drop-down menu and select the appropriate type of resource and then click Save:

NOTE: When your import of accounts into PMP is complete, it is strongly recommended to securely delete the CSV file containing account names and passwords.

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