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Office 365 Outlook (Info) FindTime Add-in

FindTime is an Outlook add-in that uses the Office 365 calendars to find the best dates and times to schedule a meeting. After you select a few dates/times for the meeting, everyone can vote on the ones that work best for them to quickly come to a consensus. Once a decision is finalized, FindTime will send out the meeting invitation on your behalf.


Opening FindTime in Outlook (Desktop application)

    1. Select the email you want to reply to with the meeting suggestion.
    2. After you select that email, click on Reply with Meeting Poll in the FindTime category of the Home tab at the top of Outlook.

Opening FindTime in Outlook Web Application (OWA)

      1. Select the email you want to reply to with the meeting suggestion. After you select that email, click on Reply (or Reply all).
      2. Open the Add-ins menu

      3. Open FindTime.

      4. After you open FindTime once, the icon to open the add-in will appear on the bottom-right when you Reply to an email.

FindTime Meeting Poll

A popup on the right-side of Outlook will appear with suggested dates and times for a meeting. You can change adjust the duration of the meeting, determine if it should look for times only within the participants' work hours, and select the suggested times for the meeting. You can select one or multiple times.

Meeting Poll - Person Icons

There are green/yellow/red/grey person icons next to each time to represent a participant's availability.
    • Green means that participant is available.
    • Yellow means that participant is marked as tentative to a meeting at that time.
    • Red means that participant is marked as busy at that time.
    • Grey means you are unable to see that person's Office 365 calendar to verify their availability (these are usually people who are external of UWM).
    You can see who each icon represents by hovering your mouse over it. When you are done selecting times, click Next.

    Meeting Poll - Review and Send

    Enter a Location for the meeting. Click the Gear icon and modify the settings according to your preference. Then review the selected times. When you are done, click Insert to Email. The FindTime meeting invitation will be embedded into the email message. Click Send to send the email. The recipients will receive the email and can click on the Select options button to vote for their preferable time(s).


    Meetings Dashboard

    You can review all FindTime meeting polls within the last 90 days by navigating to and signing in with your UWM Office365 account. Polls will be appear in the Meetings Dashboard. You can select a specific meeting poll to look at its details

    Meeting Poll Details

    When you select a meeting poll in the Meetings Dashboard, it will take you to that meeting poll's details page. This page provides you the details of the proposed meeting, the voting status of each participant, lets you vote for each proposed time, and lets you cancel or schedule the meeting for a certain time. There are also a few other actions you can perform on this page, all of which are highlighted in a red box in this picture.
    When you are ready to schedule the meeting, click Schedule for the specified time and a meeting invitation will be sent to all of the participants.

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