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Duo - Common Issues FAQ

This article covers common issues involving UWM's multi-factor authentication system with Duo.

Common Issues

I need to reactivate Duo Mobile on a different device

You can reactivate Duo Mobile on your device through Duo's self-service feature. The instructions to reactivate Duo Mobile can be found here.

I have been locked out of Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile will lock you out from authenticating for 30 minutes after 10 failed attempts or if the push notification is being sent to a device that does not meet the required security measures. More information on the required security measures can be found here.

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I forgot my authentication device at home

If you have forgotten your authentication device at home, you can generate a Bypass Code that will allow you to authenticate for up to 12 hours. The instructions to generate a Bypass Code can be found here.

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I lost my authentication device

If you have lost your authentication device, please inform the UWM Help Desk as soon as possible at (414)-229-4040, toll free at (877) 381-3459, or submit a help request online at

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I want to add a new authentication device

You can add a new authentication device though Duo's self service feature. The instructions to add a new device can be found here.

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My enrollment code has expired

Enrollment codes will expire 30 days after they are generated. If you are trying to enroll a device into Duo and receive the message "This enrollment code has expired. Contact you administrator to get a new code", you will need to submit a help request and ask for a new Duo enrollment code.

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When I open the Duo Mobile app, I am prompted to scan a bar code

If the Duo Mobile application opens and it asks you to scan a bar code, then you still need to enroll your mobile device into Duo. Search your email inbox for an email with the subject "Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment" from "Duo Security <>". If you can locate the email, follow the instructions provided in the message. If you are unable to locate the email, you will need to submit a help request and ask for a new Duo enrollment code.

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I am receiving an out-of-date warning

Duo Mobile has a security checkup feature that will prompt you if the mobile device being used for authentication has certain out-of-date attributes or security concerns. You can resolve this by performing the provided recommendations or you can bypass the warning by clicking Skip > at the bottom-right. For more details on UWM's implementation of Duo's Security Checkup feature, click here.

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I cannot authenticate and receive error message: "Your administrator requires your phone to have a passcode"

If you are receiving this error, then Duo's Security Checkup feature has indicated that the mobile device you are trying to authenticate with does not have a screen lock enabled. In order to authenticate with a mobile device, it is required to have an enabled screen lock. More information on this and how to enable a screen lock can be found here.

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I have stopped receiving push notifications on my device / I am trying to authenticate on Duo Mobile, but it is stuck at "Processing"

Many mobile devices have trouble determining whether to use the WiFi or cellular data channel when checking for push requests. You can either:

  1. Turn on airplane mode and then turn it back off. This often resolves these type of issues.
  2. Connect to a stable network connection with internet access.
  3. Turn off the WiFi connection on your device and use your cellular data connection.
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I am receiving an "incorrect passcode" message after entering a Hardware Token-generated code

If you are unable to authenticate with the code generated by your Hardware Token and receive an "incorrect passcode" message, you may need resync your Hardware Token. The instructions to resync your device can be found here.

See Also

If additional help is still needed, please submit a help request.

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