About TurningPoint Clickers, and Where to Get Help

This article describes how students and instructors can obtain support for TurningPoint Clickers, and TurningPoint software.

What Is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is a student response solution that enables students to participate real-time in lesson-relevant activities. TP helps support numerous research-based learning theories

TurningPoint as a learning tool is comprised of three components

  • TurningPoint software integrates directly with Microsoft PowerPoint to enable the building of interactive questions that can then be presented and responded to live within the classroom environment. 
  • Clickers (physical devices) and/or smart phones/web-based enabled devices are used by students to respond to these activities presented by the instructor. 
  • D2L integration allows instructors to seemlessly import student response data back into their D2L gradebook.

Accessing TurningPoint

Students are required to purchase a subscription code to participate in class. This purchase gives students the ability to participate in class via the TurningPoint Mobile app (formerly ResponseWare) using smart phones or via any web enabled device by visiting www.responseware.com. Instructors who may be opposed to allowing smart phones in their classes can require students to purchase a clicker in addition to the subscription. Turning Technologies products are distributed through the UWM Virtual Bookstore. Costs typically range from $20 to $80 which grants use from 1 semester to 4 years. Once purchased, students register to use TurningPoint for a course via a link in their D2L course navigation bar, or Content area. 

Instructors may decide to use TurningPoint in their course at no cost to the instructor. UWM Classroom Support will ensure your classroom is equipped for use with clickers.

How Do Instructors Add TurningPoint to Their D2L Courses?

  1. Instructors should go to the course they intend to use TurningPoint with.
  2. Click the Edtech Apps link in the course navigation bar.
  3. Click the TurningPoint Cloud Clickers link.
  4. Click the checkbox labeled "Request this tool for my D2L@UWM course"
  5. Read and complete the form.

The instructor will receive a receipt with getting started resources and support information. UWM Classroom Services will be automatically notified of the request, and will let the instructor know when work is done to enable the noted classroom.

How to Get Help with TurningPoint

  • Turning Technologies supports TurningPoint for instructors and students.
  • Students
    • First, notify your instructor in the event there is a problem with clickers in class. 
    • If the instructor is unable to help, the student can visit the UWM Help Desk for face-to-face troubleshooting of the device in Bolton 225. 
    • If the UWM Help Desk is unable to resolve the issue, the student should contact Turning Technologies directly for assistance. Call toll-free 1-866-746-3015 or email support@turningtechnologies.com.
  • Instructors 
    • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning supports the pedagogical use of clickers in their course. CETL can also help with basic usage of TurningPoint and D2L grade integration.
    • UWM Classroom Services supports the use of clicker hardware in the classroom. If an instructor has issues with clickers during class, they should email  classroomhotline@uwm.edu, or call 414-229-2382. Refer to the Classroom Services website for more information.
  • General support resources
    • Support website: http://www.turningtechnologies.com - click Support at the top of the page.
    • Support phone: toll-free in the United States 1-866-746-3015

Addressing Accessibility Concerns

If students or staff have issues or concerns with using TurningPoint, clicker devices or TurningPoint Mobile, visit the Turning Technologies Contact page and complete the contact form.

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