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Classrooms & Labs - A/V Reservations

This article provides information about UWM's A/V Reservation service

Service Description 

The A/V Reservations service allows University faculty and staff to reserve various devices required for instruction during University classes at no charge. These devices can be used to supplement the technology in a Multimedia Classroom or provide multimedia capabilities in a room that has none. Additionally, equipment can be rented for use during University events and meetings for a charge. These devices can be delivered to a classroom or picked up in-person. Classroom Services staff can set up and assist with the usage of equipment as needed. Set up of A/V equipment is only available on the main Kenwood campus and requires advance notice of one business day.
The following devices can be reserved: 
  • Projectors (data, 35mm, overhead) 
  • Document cameras 
  • DVD/VHS/Blu-ray players 
  • TVs and monitors on stands 
  • Conference phones 
  • Wired and wireless microphones 
  • Digital video camcorders 
  • Speakers and portable PA systems 
  • Laptops (Windows or Mac) 
  • Media carts (mobile carts that include a laptop, short throw data projector, speakers and document camera by request) 
  • Cables, stands, adaptors, remote controls and more


  • Faculty 
  • Staff
  • Student organizations 

Service Access 

Credentials needed for access 
An active ePantherID is required to reserve equipment using this service. If the reservation is for use during an academic class, the course number is required. If the reservation is for another event, a departmental billing number is required. 

Service Availability 

UITS Classroom Services' hours of operation during academic sessions are as follows: 
  • Monday through Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
  • Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Hours of operation may differ when academic classes are not in session. 

Service Charges

There are no charges associated with the use of this service for academic classes. 
Setup and delivery fees do apply if equipment is rented for other University events. These fees differ depending on the devices being rented.

Getting Help 

For questions and problems contact UITS Classroom Services by phone at 414-229-2382 or by email at
More information about Classroom Services is located at

Applicable Policies 

Training and Documentation 

Technical Description 

The A/V Reservations service requires a functioning Web page (supported by Web Development) that is used by faculty and staff to make online reservations. In addition, Classroom Services staff utilize WebCheckout to schedule and manage reservations as well as keep an inventory of available equipment. 
All devices and equipment are maintained, updated and replaced by Classroom Services staff as needed.


Supporting Services 
The following services support the A/V Reservation service: 
  • Wired Network 
Dependent Services 
No Services that depend on the A/V Reservation service have been identified. 

Business Continuity 

Updates and Maintenance 
Laptops that can be reserved individually or as part of media carts are updated regularly, and the image is refreshed at least once yearly. All other devices and equipment are maintained, updated and replaced by Classroom Services staff as needed. 
WebCheckout is an online system that is used to manage and schedule reservations. It is also used to monitor inventory so the same device cannot be checked out by more than one person at the same time. It is also used to plan for the number of devices needed for any given semester. 


During academic sessions, Classroom Services has up to four student staff members delivering and supporting classroom technologies and at least one full-time staff member in Bolton 238 to handle phone and email inquiries. In the event all staff are actively delivering and assisting with technology, contact information is provided on the outside of Bolton 238. 

Service Owner

Kevin Jahnke 
Manager, Classroom Services, Campus Technology Support 

Service Sponsor

Jim Kavanagh 
Director, Campus Technology Support

Service Manager 

Kevin Jahnke 
Manager Classroom Services, Campus Technology Support 

Operational Team 

CTS Classroom Services:
Melissa Beaucham
CTS Classroom Services 
John Peine
CTS Classroom Services
CTS Classroom Services

Escalation Path

Level 1 Escalation 
  • CTS Classroom Services is the first point of contact for this service 
  • Inquiries received by the UWM Help Desk about multimedia classrooms, A/V reservations, lecture capturing, or A/V conferencing should be immediately escalated to CTS Classroom Services following standard escalation protocols 
Level 2 Escalation 
  • Inquiries received by Classroom Services regarding lecture capture or A/V conferencing that cannot be immediately addressed or require further escalation should be directed to Kevin Jahnke or other Classroom Services student supervisors and/or permanent staff as appropriate 
Level 3 Escalation 
  • Certain issues may require escalation to other University units such as Facilities Services, the UWM Help Desk, Classroom Assignments, Union Reservations, etc. 

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