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BP Logix Data Access Request Form Information

This document outlines the new process of applying for (and approving) access to UWM data tools and data sources using the new Data Access Request form in the BP Logix Process Director environment. The approval steps remain the same as in the previous process, but there are a few changes from the previous method: * You will only choose one system/group per request * Approvers can now "clarify" requests to obtain additional information before acting on a request * New questions for supervisors about the need for the requested access and the support provided * Notifications are sent immediately after previous actions are completed, not at set times each day


How to Submit an Access Request
Approving an Access Request
Post-Supervisory Approval
Workflow History
Searching for Access Requests
Revoking Completed Requests

How to Submit an Access Request

First, open the Data Access Request Form at


The final step is to read and accept the Acceptable Use statement at the bottom of the page. Note that specific data systems and/or groups may have additional statements which you must acknowledge and agree to before submitting authorization requests. When you've accepted the agreement, click the Submit button to start the approval workflow.

The number of stages in the approval workflow is dependent on the type of access requested. When your request is approved or denied, you'll receive an email with more information.

Approving an Access Request

When you've been assigned an approval task, you'll receive an email from UWM eWorkflow Process Director ( with more information about the request and a link to the workflow form:


After answering these questions, use one of the three buttons at the bottom of the form to Approve, Deny, or Clarify the request.

The Clarify action is a new feature which allows approvers to seek more information before approving or denying a request. Clicking this button will return the form to the submitter – if you choose this option, you should include a statement or question in the Clarification Notes/Additional Comments section to prompt your employee for the information you are seeking.

Post-Supervisory Approval

The approval activities in steps after the supervisor are largely the same as those shown above, though the supervisor's answers are now included in the notification email and on the form itself. There are a few major changes with these workflow steps – the biggest change is in the action section at the bottom of the request:


As before, you have the option to Approve, Deny, or Clarify the request.

However, with the Workflow Step for Clarify dropdown menu you can choose to send the form directly to a specific stage of the workflow (including back to the submitter) for more information. Along with this dropdown, you can check the Return to me after clarification box to have the form return directly to you when this information is provided – if this option is not selected, the form will need to be approved again at each workflow stage before returning to you.

Workflow History

When each request is submitted, a "routing slip" object is created at the bottom of the form which displays the history of all actions associated with a form, and the current workflow step and assignees:


You'll notice that my comment from the supervisor step above is included with my approval action on that step. Be aware that the information in this object will be visible to anyone in the workflow, including the submitter.

Searching for Access Requests

The final change between the supervisor and later stages of approval is the ability to filter and search through past approval requests with the Search Existing Requests link at the top of the form:

Access Request Search

To view the details of a request, simply click the Name of the form to bring up the form and workflow details.

Revoking Completed Requests

On approved forms, you will also see another option at the top of the form to revoke the access request:

Revoking Completed Request

This form will need to be submitted, and then approved and acted on by the security and system administrators for that data source or tool.


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