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SSC Campus (Case Management) Advisor Reporting

At the bottom of the Advising Home page is an area called Advisor Reporting. This is where you will find a listing of all your previous advising appointments, the advising reports you have filed or those which have yet to be filed.

Recent Advisor Appointments
This tab displays all the previous advising appointments you have had as an advisor. You have several options available to you through the Actions Menu:

  • Details: The Details link allows you to access the Manage Appointment dialog to see or edit the details of the appointment.
  • Add Advising Report: File an advising report by selecting this action. The box on the left will appear with the options to include summary information along with supplemental documents to the Student's Profile.
  • Issue Alert: Easily issue an alert for the student associated with this appointment.
  • Mark No-Show: When a student fails to show up for the scheduled appointment, the advisor can mark them as a no-show using this option. For Example, Richie Bateman (student) does not have a check-mark in This Person Attended box. The summary boxes of the appointment will not be shown when the user is marked as a no show. Tracking students who regularly fail to attend appointments is easy. Once a student is marked as a no-show, an advisor can click on the Reports tab > and run the Advisor No-Shows report for a detailed report on every no-show instance.
  • Show Cancelled: As with many of our grids, we purposefully exclude appointments that have been cancelled. To include those cancelled appointments in this list, simply check this box.  Note: When you check This Person Attended, the summary boxes here will appear.

Recent Reports Created
This tab is sorted by the most recent report first and the grid will display all of your field advising reports for easy access. From here you can click the Details link to view (and optionally Edit) a report or click the Delete link to remove the report.

Drop-In Advising Reports
To create an advising report for a drop-in advising session:

  1. From the My Assigned Students tab on the Advising Home page or from the Search screen, select the student you met with by checking the check box next to their name.
  2. Click the Advising Report button.
  3. The system will then display the Create an Advising Report dialog. Every field on this form is optional so only fill out the fields that are relevant for you and your institution.

Note: You should only use these steps if a student did not check in as a drop in through the kiosk or advising center mode. If a student actually checks in as a drop-in then you will enter the report from the Advising Center tab instead. Failure to do this can result in duplicate reports and skewed reporting.

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