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SSC Campus (School Information) Tags, Staff Teams and Reasons

Following are descriptions of four categories which can be configured and edited in SSC Campus under the School Information module.


Tags are used by advisors to group similar students together. This page lets the Application Administrator edit or delete existing tags.

Tags can be deleted here by using the X button, or edited by clicking the pencil icon. When in edit mode, the name of the Tag may be changed/altered and saved.

Please consult your advisors before making any changes to these values.

Staff Teams

Setting up Teams is a great way to keep members involved in advising and/or tutoring activities.

Selecting New Team will allow you to name the team and select members.  You will always have the ability to edit or delete a team.

Note Reasons

Note Reasons are categories (or reasons) designating the purpose of the note. The advisor selects a student, enters a note (or comment) for that student, and then selects a Reason for the note. Some possible examples of Note Reasons might be: ROTC Plan, Honors Academic Plan, etc.

To add a new note reason:

  1. Click the Add New
  2. Enter the Name of the reason.
  3. Click Save.

The new reason will now be available for selection.

Note: It is probably a good idea to work with the institution's advisors to come up with a good Note Reason list.

Appointment Cancellation Reasons

Define the custom cancellation reason users can choose when cancelling appointments. You can choose to Add a New Reason or Edit Appointment Cancellation Reasons.

Name: The name of the appointment cancellation reason.
Active: If a reason is no longer used, simply uncheck Active and it will no longer be available to be selected. It will still be displayed on reports for past cancelled appointments.
Appointments that may be cancelled with this Reason: All Appointments, Advising Appointments, General Appointment, or Tutor Appointments.

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