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uFiles: Diagnosing Problems for Help Desk

Script to assist Help Desk and IT Professionals in resolving what sort of problem a user of uFiles is encountering

NOTE: When escalating tickets, tickets should not be assigned to UITS ITAI team directly from UITS HD agents.  Tickets should be escalated to UITS ITAI only if 1) an outage exists that affects multiple users, or 2) the local technical support (the group that does Desktop Support for the person calling in) deems they require assistance.

What is the nature of the problem?

File was deleted
  • When was the file created?
    • Files are “snapshotted” twice daily at 7am and 12 noon, then backed up each evening starting at 10pm. If the file was created, and then deleted before one of these times has passed, then the file cannot be recovered.
  • The file existed on the server across one of the 7am / 12 noon times
    • User should be transferred to Desktop Support. 

If the user is VERY good with computers, AND is using a Windows PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, continue here. Mac/Linux users must be transferred to Desktop Support, or locate a Windows PC.
  • Go up one directory/folder level.
  • Highlight the folder where the file was deleted, and right-click with the mouse, then choose Properties
  • In the Properties dialog, one of the tabs at the top will say “Previous Versions.” This shows a list of previous snapshots that are available.
  • Highlight choices by day, clicking the “View” button to verify that the file is available on that date.
  • Documents in this view may be copied to another drive, but not opened directly.

Cannot find a file or folder.
  • Might have been deleted. See above “File was deleted”
  • User might not have permission to resource. See below “Can see the folder, but cannot access the folder”
  • Might have been moved to another folder. (Accidentally dragged and dropped.) If the go up one or two directory/folder levels, and use the operating system “Search” function to look for the file.
  • In Windows, press F3 button, and search for the file/folder in the current location
  • On MacOSX, use the search field in a Finder window to search the current location.
Can see a file, but cannot access it
  • User may already have file open. Check likely programs.
  • EXAMPLE: If Word file, check if Word is open and if the file is active
  • Another user may have file opened/locked.
    • User should receive error message about file being locked (at least for MS Office applications) for access and may have ignored it

User may not have permission, but an error is not appearing with clear notification of insufficient permissions.
  • Reassign to Desktop Support

Can see the folder, but cannot access folder
  • Contact local support for assistance with permissions

Cannot see a folder, but colleague can
  • Contact Desktop Support for assistance with permissions
  • If the folder resource is used by a group other than what the user has permission to, there may not be a resolution to this.
    • EXAMPLE: Professor X is part of the English Department, and Professor Z is part of the School of Business. These are different Schools/Colleges, and do not share uFiles resources by default.
  • Conclude Call
Cannot access uFiles
  • Can you access other file services on campus?
  • Can you access the test share on \\uFiles\UWM\Test ?
  • Can you access web sites?
    • If Yes, continue
    • If No, this is a network connectivity problem, not a uFiles problem.
  • Are you on the UWM Campus?
    • If Yes, continue.
    • If No, uFiles is only available from on campus.
  • Are you using wireless ?
    • If Yes
      • Are you using UWMWifi, EDURoam, or some other UWM-supported Wifi?
      • If Yes, can you access other file servers on campus?
        1. If No, Are you using 3G wireless access from your cell phone provider?
        2. (Likely a laptop or an iPad with a wireless data connection that is NOT Wifi)
        3. If Yes, switch to Wifi
        4. If No, refer to local support.
  • If unsure, refer to Desktop Support.

Cherwell Classification: Storage & Sharing -> uFiles -> Connectivity

Escalation: uFiles issues should be reassigned to Desktop Support .  They will escalate to Windows Device Management, if necessary. 

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