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TurningPoint Clickers - First Time Account Creation, Connecting With D2L and Registering a Device

This article shows how an individual can register their clicker if its needed in their class. It also demonstrates how to associate your account with D2L to ensure grades are transferred.

Before you begin

These instructions will guide you through the process of creating your account, and associating your account with D2L. Also on this page are instructions to associate a physical clicker to your account, and assign a license to your account.

You only need to register for an accounce once, but failing to do so may mean your responses will not be recorded as grades in D2L, which can affect your grade and prevent you from participating in-class.

You must have a license for grades to be saved to D2L.

Did you accidentally create a second account? Did you not use your UWM email address? Contact Turning Technologies support.

Create an account and link it with D2L

  1. Login to your D2L account, then click the name of your course in the My Courses list.
  2. Go to Content in your course. You should see a link similarly named "TurningPoint Cloud Integration" or something similar. Click that link.
    Is your course missing a link? You can create an account by visiting the Turning Technologies account website. Be aware that if your instructor grades participation, you should notify your instructor that you couldn't find a link.

    Instructors typically have a table of contents link, and course link named something similar to TurningPoint Cloud Integration. Click the link to proceed.
  3. Don't have a Turning Technology account? Enter your UWM email address. Then click "Create an account".
    Do you have a Turning Technologies account? Click the Sign In link and enter your password and skip to step 6.

    Turning Technologies login has two buttons, Create an account and Sign In. New users should click "Create an account". Returning users should click "Sign In".

  4. When you enter your email, a verification message will be sent to your UWM email account. Look for the message and click the registration link in the email.

    Turning Technologies will show a warning message indicating an email was sent. Below the text is a Go Back and Resend button.           Open the email in your UWM email account, and click the registration link.

  5. Enter the information requested. and set a password. It is important to select "Student" as your role.

    Turning Technologies asks for name, email, phone ando ther information. Complete the form to finish creating your account.

  6. When prompted, enter your clicker device ID and/or your digital license. Then, click the FInish button.
    Don't own a clicker? Just click the Finish button to go to the dashboard.


Your account should now be created, and associated with D2L.

Registering a Phyical Device (Device ID)

If you are using a physical clicker, and you did not add a clicker when you created your account, you can assign a Device ID to your account. This is not necesary if you are using ResponseWare.

  1. Login to Turning Technologies by using your courses TurningPoint Integration link, or visit the Turning Technologies account website.
  2. Click the large Device icon on your Dashboard.
  3. Click the Add a Device icon.


  4. Enter the Device ID in the field and click the Register button.


Your physical clicker device should now be registered with your Truning Technologies account.

Add a license to your Turning Technologies account

Adding a digital license will allow your physical device to be used for grades in your course. It will also optionally enable ResponseWare for your account.

  1. Login to Turning Technologies by using your courses TurningPoint Integration link, or visit the Turning Technologies account website.
  2. Click the large License icon on your Dashboard.


  3. Click the Add a License icon.


  4. When prompted, enter your license code.

If you have a physical clicker, you can now use it in-class. Otherwise, you will now have access to ResponseWare.

Do you need further help?

Visit the UWM Help Desk for walk-in clicker help in Bolton 225. You can also contact Turning Technologies support for further assistance.

Escalation: HD1 > HD2: Recommend that the client should go to our Walk-In lab for Bolton 225 for clicker assistance. This is where HD2s have a TurningPoint Receiver to troubleshoot clicker issues.
Cherwell Classification: Educational Technology > Clickers > Clicker Registration

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