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SSC Campus (User Guide) Study Hall Setup & Guidance

This document details the process for applying study hall requirements to a student or group of students, managing charity time, and tracking student progress towards requirements through reports and on a per-student basis.

Setting up Study Hall Locations

To create a location that can track study hall hours, a new service must be created and tied to at least one location. This service may be created with the name of your choice, but the type of service should be Track Time and the Include recorded check-in and check-out time in study hall hour calculations box should be checked.

Applying Study Hall Requirements

Study hall tracks the amount of time students spend in specific designated study hall locations. The amounts of time students are required to complete are specified in number of hours and minutes per week. Study hall requirements can be applied en masse to students through Mass Edit of Students on the Administration page. From Mass Edit of Students, used the advanced search to identify the population of students who need study hall requirements--or search for students one at a time by first name, last name, student ID, or email. Once you have identified these students, check the box next to the student's name in the search results, as shown below.

After the check boxes are selected next to the appropriate students, select the Study Hall tab from the menu below, and enter the appropriate number of hours and minutes of weekly study hall time required, and select Save. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the system to apply these requirements to individual students.

Managing Charity Time

Charity time allows an administrator to control or edit the amount of time a student has accumulated towards their study hall requirement. Using the same process outlined above, a user can award a student Charity Time, which decreases the remaining amount of time a student must earn in study hall. For example, if a student has 2 hours of required study hall per week, but an administrator awards 30 minutes of charity time, then a student would only be required to earn 1 hour and 30 minutes of time in a study hall location.

Charity time can also be managed on a per student basis from a student's profile page, under the Study Hall tab, which is visible after selecting More.

From this tab, a pie chart displays showing the student's progress towards their total weekly study hall requirement. Under the Charity Time heading, an administrator can award time to a student to count towards their requirements, or also decrease the amount of accumulated time a student has been in study hall if needed.

Launching the Study Hall Kiosk

Students can check-in for study hall hours through either the tutor or the Advising Kiosk, from Additional Modes in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. If the kiosk should only function to track study hall hours, select Single Purpose Mode > Study Hall after selecting the appropriate location. If the kiosk should allow students to check-in for advising or tutoring appointments or drop-in visits, select Multiple Purpose Mode. The screenshot below shows an advising kiosk for Study Hall in Single Purpose Mode.

Once the study hall kiosk is launched, either in advising or tutor kiosk mode, it is ready for student check-ins. to check-in, a student must enter their student ID, or if your location is equipped with a swipe-card reader, the student may swipe their student ID, and then hit Submit. This action will check a student in to study hall, and display a pop-up message that details the total study hall requirements, accumulated hours, and remaining needed time for the student who just checked in.

When a student has completed their time in a study hall location--they can check out be typing in their ID number again or swiping their ID again. This action will display a pop-up message indicating the student has checked out, and note updated progress towards required study hall hours.

Reporting on Study Hall Time

Administrators can use the Study Hall Reports on the Reports tab to gather aggregate information about student completion of Study Hall hours. Mass actions on students (i.e., Send Message, Add Note, etc.) can be performed from the results of each report. The available reports are:

  • Students Currently Checked In: This report details students who are currently checked into a study hall location.
  • Students Recently Checked Out: This report details students who recently checked out of a study hall location.
  • Charity Time: This report shows you students who have had charity time awarded to them by whom, and when.
  • Completed Required Study Hours: This report details students who have met their weekly requirements for study hall hours.
  • Did Not Complete Required Study Hours: This report details students who have not met their weekly requirements for study hall ours.
  • Weekly, Monthly, Term Time: This report shows the required total study hall hours per student for the selected date range and per week.
  • History Log: This report details the history of check-ins and check-outs by all students at all study hall locations for the specified date range.

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