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Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Teams (How To) Forward a Centrex Phone Number to Teams

This article will provide instructions on how to forward a Centrex phone number to Microsoft Teams. This article only applies to users who still have landline phone numbers through Centrex.

Forwarding a Centrex Phone Number to Teams

Note: You will need to be physically on campus to forward your Centrex phone number to Teams.

To Manually Forward Your Campus Phone Number

  • Lift handset.
  • Hear dial tone, dial 121.
  • Hear second dial tone.
  • Dial 8 plus the full seven-digit phone number to which calls will be forwarded.
  • Hear confirmation tone followed by ringing or busy.
  • If no answer or busy, hang up.
  • Your calls will be forwarded.

To Cancel

  • Lift handset.
  • Hear dial tone.
  • Dial 122, wait for confirmation tone, hang up.
Note: If you receive a fast busy signal after dialing 121; you need to call UWM Telephone services (x5800) to have the feature enabled.

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