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Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Teams (How To) Set Headset and Computer to Ring Simultaneously

This article will provide instructions on how to set a secondary ringer in Teams. When your headset is plugged in all computer sound will come through the headset. You have the option to set a secondary ringer in case you take your headset off throughout the day. This will ensure that you still hear your phone ringing even if you have your headset connected to the computer, but you are not wearing it.

Set a Secondary Ringer

    1. Click on your person icon (your profile picture or initials) in the top right corner of your working screen. 
    2. From the menu select the option for Settings. 
    3. From Settings menu select the option for Devices. 
    4. Under Secondary ringer there is a drop-down menu; click on this. 
    5. This will bring up device options for your Secondary ringer.

      Select which option you prefer, but make sure you do not have the same device selected for Secondary ringer as you do for Speaker above under Audio devices. 

Note: All other computer sounds will still come through the headset unless you unplug the headset, or change your speaker settings in Teams (under Audio devices in the Settings > Devices menu) If you do change the settings in Teams, keep in mind that if you get a call, the sound from the call will come through your computer speakers.  

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