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SSC Campus (Case Management) Tutor Center

 Tutor Center gives you the ability to manage your tutoring location, whether you manage a drop-in only tutor center or a more complex center that accommodates both drop-ins and appointments.

Starting the Tutor Center

  1. Scroll to the bottom of any SSC Campus page to see Additional Modes listed in the right-hand corner. By clicking on the Tutor Center link, the Tutor Center Setup page will be opened.
    • Note: Please contact your Application Administrator if you do not see Tutor Center listed under Additional Modes. They will need to add this access to your user role.
  2. Secondly, choose the location for this Tutor Center.
    • Note: this page will only show the locations (e.g. tutor centers) that you have been given access to. Please contact your Application Administrator if you do not see your location listed.
  3. The Tutor Center mode will start once you select a location. You will now need to select a student to begin using the Tutor Center. To get started, simply enter a student's name, ID, or email address in the section that says, "Please Search to Select a Student".
  4. Click on a student's name to select them for your Tutor Center use. The screen will change once you select a name.

Student Info
This section is for informational purposes only. This will display the student's name, email address and major.

Appointments/ Drop-ins
All existing tutor appointments will appear in this section when a student is selected. From this section, workers will be able to check students in for their appointments. The grid will also display a list of appointments/drop-ins the student might already be checked in for.

Drop-in Tutor Visit
This section is used to check a student in for a drop-in tutoring visit. The first step is to select a course (only a list of the student's current courses will appear as available) or a student service from the drop down list. After a selection has been made, another drop down list will appear allowing for the tutor to be selected.

Some important notes on Drop-Ins

  1. Only those tutors who are currently available will be visible in the tutor selection list.
  2. N/A (Record Time) - This will always be the very first option available in the tutor selection list. This option should only be used if you do not care to track which tutor a student sees. For example, some tutor centers are so large, the only information they wish to track might be that a student showed up to receive assistance. Since this visit is not tied to a particular tutor, a tutor report cannot be filed.

Schedule an Appointment
The bottom section of the Tutor Center will allow a user to schedule a tutoring appointment for a student.

  1. Select either a course or student service for which the tutor appointment will be based.
  2. Use the calendar to select a date for the appointment.
  3. Find a tutor.
  4. Select a time for the appointment by clicking in the open box.
  5. Enter an optional "Appointment Comment" and click Submit.

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