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SSC Campus (Configuration) Validation Guide

This section outlines the process to review and test configurations, as well as identifies some key roadblocks to look for. This validation should be conducted by the member prior to training.



With an advising user type, select the My Availability tab > select Actions > Add Time. This should populate the Availability modal window. Choose one or more days > move the time slider > choose a range (current term, range of dates, forever) > choose a Location (if no locations are visible, set up at least one Location, and ensure Services are added to that location) > click save.


  • Locations Accuracy
    • If the Locations are not correct, edit Locations from the Admin Page.
  • Correct Service Options Within each Location
    • If the Services option within each location are not correct or there are no services, go to the Admin page an edit or create Student Services. Then select the Locations page and ensure that the Services are added to the correct locations.

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Appointment Scheduling

Staff Scheduling Set-Up:

With the Availability that was just created, schedule an appointment from the Advisor point of view. To find a student, navigate to the Search page or choose from a student on the Advisor Home (if applicable). On the Search page, find a student using the Advanced Search Filters > choose a student (click radio button next to a student's name > click Actions > click Create Advising Appointment.)

On this screen, choose a Service from the available options within Reason(s) and then choose a Location below that. A list of Advisors should populate in the Select an Advisor area.

Choose from a time on the current day and schedule an appointment in the scheduling matrix.


  • If you do not see yourself as an available option, ensure that you have a Service and Location chosen that you are available for.
  • Also ensure that your Availability is not inactive (outside of a range of dates or outside of the current term)

Advising Center Set-Up:

Navigate to the bottom right portion of your home screen -- you should see Additional Modes, click and choose Advising Center. This will open the list of locations that have been set up in the platform. Then, choose the Location where availability has been configured. This will populate the Advising Center view for that location all of the advisors available at that location.

Next, find a student that has a scheduled appointment. Find that student by ID or first name/last name. The student's appointment for later today should be visible (if the appointment is scheduled for the current day). Select Actions > Cancel. The cancellation window populate, select Reason and the list of Cancellation Reasons will populate.


  • If Cancellation Reasons do not populate, navigate to the Cancellation Reasons on the Admin page and ensure at least one reason created.

Calendar Integration Set-Up:

If you institution is implementing Calendar integration, follow these steps in Production to ensure that the site is ready for integration.

Navigate to the Calendar page, and if calendar integration is already set up, Busy times should populate across your calendar in a plum color. If not, select the Subscriptions tab at the top of the screen and follow the instructions to set up your integration with Outlook Exchange or Google.

Once this is setup, busy times should block off your schedule to prevent double booking. For more questions about Calendar Integration and to ensure that your institution is set up for this please speak with your Consultant or Business Analyst.

Student Scheduling Set-Up:

This portion only applies if your institution is implementing Student Self-Scheduling at this time.

Select a student and navigate to his/her profile. Within their profile, click Impersonate User on the right side under options. This will display the platform as it would appear to that user.

On the student profile, select the Blue button on the right side for Advising Scheduling (the text of this button is configurable to your specific needs around advising scheduling). This will take the student to the Appointment Scheduling Workflow. Next, navigate through each step in the process:

Choose a Service Category (if applicable) > choose a specific service > choose a location (only locations with that service applied will populate) > choose advisor(s) (there are two settings here that could change who will show up on this list on the Service settings -- one to allow student to see only their assigned advisor, or the student could see any advisor at that location that has this service available) all open times for the week > choose a day that works > choose a time that works.

Now the appointment confirmation page should display. On this page, confirm the location, service, and user. On the right side, choose the options to send an email and text reminder -- the student email address and student cell phone number (if applicable) will populate.

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