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SSC Campus (Reports) Migration From Predictive Workbooks

Institution Reports are the online successors to SSC's Predictive Workbooks. Originally created to help members select SSC success markers, Predictive Workbooks were a collection of Excel spreadsheets analyzing historical student academic performance.

As program leaders found broader uses for the insights derived from Predictive Workbooks, demand grew not only for new types of workbooks, but for an easier way to share them with colleagues. Transitioning from spreadsheets to online reports also provided opportunities to refine and enhance the content and platform. The improvements include the following:

As part of this transition, some reports have been renamed and reorganized. The table below shows the relationship between the previous Predictive Workbooks and the new Institution Reports.

 Predictive Workbook Tab
Institution Report
Main Differences
 Graduation by Student Attribute  Grad Rate by Student Attribute
  • Interactive legend to click and hide different graduation rates.
 Summary of Top Courses  Course Analysis
  •  Chart display for both top attempted and top predictive courses.
 Analyze a Course, Compare 2 Courses, Graduation & Course Timing  Grad Rate by Grade Earned & Credit Range
  •  Consolidation of three analyses into one report.
 Major Switching Patterns  Major Change Analysis (coming soon!)
  •  Terminology changes for additional clarity
  • Consideration of added and dropped double majors
 Course & Exam Performance  Course & Standardized Exams (coming soon!)
  •  Improvements to display and selection of exam quartiles.


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