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SSC Campus (Case Management) Starting An Appointment

This article provides information on how to handle advising requests and send messages to a student via the SSC campus management system.

Starting an Appointment 
To file a report for a student in your queue and report upon that session simply click the Start Appointment button in the Actions Menu. Other options include:

Not Attended To: This option should only be used at the end of your day/shift to signify which students you were not able to meet with.

Move to First Available: To move a student to the First Available queue, select the student and then click the link to Move to First Available.

Send Message: If you would like to send a message via email or text to a student, select the student and click Send Message.

Remove: You should use this action when a student leaves without first meeting with an advisor. You should then Remove them from the list. This is different than the Not Attended To option in that the Not Attended To option the student actually waited to meet with an advisor but there was not enough time while the Remove option is for when the student leaves, on their own accord, without meeting with an advisor.

Advising Requests
This tab displays students who have requested a meeting with their advisor(s). We give users the ability to sort these requests by a location, making it easy to focus on a specific group of requests.

Match Request
The Match Request action opens the Schedule an Advising Appointment screen where you can select a specific day and time in which to meet with this student. It is important to read the Requested Meeting Time message from the student when creating your appointment.

Send Message
You can use this option to send a message to a student.

This option lets you permanently remove an advising request.

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