UW Flexible Option: Competency Sets/Assessments/Canvas FAQ

This document answers various inquiries about competency sets, assessments and Canvas regarding the UW Flexible Option.

Are students allowed to enroll in competency sets at both UW-Milwaukee and UW Colleges concurrently?

  • At this time, UW-Milwaukee degree-seeking students can enroll in competency sets at UW Colleges.  

Who is responsible for grading submitted assessments?

  • Faculty and faculty-supervised graders grade subjective assessments (e.g., project, papers, etc.) Canvas grades objective assessments (e.g., multiple choice assessments).

Can a student upgrade from a single competency set to the all-you-can-learn model?

  • Students can upgrade from a single competency set to the all-you-can-learn model during the first ten days of the subscription period. Tuition is assessed accordingly.

How is Canvas structured to support one-competency-set at a time along with allowing for an-all-you-can-learn option?

  • For the current iteration of Flex, UWM and UW-Extension set an access mechanism for each competency set.  Flex Academic Success Coaches have the authority to grant access to students via this mechanism.  Students enrolled in a single competency set are able to access materials related to that competency set.  Students enrolled in the all-you-can-learn option are granted access to multiple competency sets in their program.

    Note that UW Colleges and UW-Parkside competency sets are housed in UW-Extension's instance of Canvas.

Whose learning management system does UW Colleges use?

  • UW Colleges Flex competency sets are housed on UW Extension's instance of Canvas. 

Can students preview a competency set in Canvas prior to enrolling and/or their subscription start date?

  • Students enrolled in a UW Flexible Option program can preview a sample competency set in Canvas prior to enrolling and/or their subscription start date.  They are not allowed to preview the actual competency sets for which they have registered. 

    Note that this policy differs from UW-Extension's collaborative programs in that students enrolled in a collaborative program are given an entire week to preview their courses prior to the start of the term. 

How are students notified of Canvas outages?

  • UWM and UW-Extension (which houses competency sets for UW Colleges and UW-Parkside Flex students) post notification of pending Canvas outages on the Canvas login page.  

Can a student fail a competency and still earn mastery (and earn credit) for the competency set?

  • If a student fails a competency in the competency set, he/she cannot earn mastery for that competency set nor does he/she earn credit for the competency set. 

Are test banks and completed assessments stored on the competency set Canvas site?

  • For UW Colleges competency sets: Objective test banks and completed assessments are stored in the CEOEL Flex Canvas instance. However, secondary separate and secure repositories (i.e., protected network drives) also contain copies of the objective test questions. The general workflow is for objective questions to be reviewed and revised from the secure repositories. The revised questions are uploaded via Respondus into the CEOEL Flex Canvas instance. 

    When a student completes an objective assessment, a grade along with which questions were answered correctly and which were answered incorrectly is stored for that objective assessment. While Canvas stores this information, it should not be viewed as a long-term storage location. Information is stored for a period of years, but eventually the information is purged based on guidelines established by the centralized Canvas utility services provided by DoIT at UW-Madison.

    UWM may have a different process/procedure as UWM maintains its own instance of Canvas

Who enters grades from Canvas into the student information system at UWC and UW-Milwaukee?

  • At UW-Milwaukee, the registrar's office manually enters grades into PAWS. At UW Colleges, faculty manually enter grades and the registrar's office manually enters milestone (competency) results into PRISM. At UW-Parkside, faculty manually enter grades into SOLAR. At this time, there is no automated process to move competency set final grades from Canvas to the applicable student information system. 

Who removes student credentials from Canvas ?

  • UW Flexible Option Academic Success Coaches remove student access to Canvas (UW-Extension and UW-Milwaukee instances) when a student leaves the Flex program for any reason.

Do faculty create assessment versions so that if a student does not pass on the first try, s/he will not be taking the same version the next time?

  • There are several different types of assessments that could be offered.  Some, like practice assessments and smaller quizzes, may be taken multiple times (varying number depending on assessment type and competency set).  'High stakes' assessments such as large papers/projects/capstones may be done as many times as the institutional policy allows (e.g., UW-Milwaukee allows a student to repeat a competency set [and therefore a 'high stakes' assessment] just once; UW Colleges allows unlimited repeats.) 

    Faculty were asked to created three to six versions for each assessment.

Will UW Flexible Option Degree credits (competency sets) transfer to other institutions?

  • UW Flexible Option competency-sets will transfer to other institutions in the same way that existing courses transfer.  In the current iteration of Flex, each competency set is equated to an existing course, assigned credit-equivalents and receive a grade equivalent that can be used to translate the competency set into traditional credits on a transcript.  At the time of transfer, the receiving institution determines course equivalencies and transfer credit according to their institutional policies and practices, as they do now.  

    In the future, students will earn a mastery designation for each competency and/or competency set.

What access do Flex students have to faculty? What can students expect? What can faculty expect?

  • Students in the UW Flexible Option learn at self-paced and primarily self-directed ways.  Students have access to faculty as needed, typically via email.

What third-party tools are supported through Canvas (e.g., ALEKS for Math Assessments)?

  • UW Flexible Option currently supports ALEKS and MathEdSci in the UW-Extension instance of Canvas (which houses UW Colleges competency sets.)

Do UW Flexible Option competency sets have an open completion time?

  • Students have the length of their subscription period to complete the competency sets in which they are enrolled. 

    If a student does not complete a competency set and has earned a grade of PR (in progress, used by UW-Milwaukee and UW-Parkside) or IP (in progress, used by UW Colleges) he/she may complete the competency set in a future subscription period.  If the student has earned a grade of I (incomplete), the student is required to complete the competency set during the next consecutive subscription period.

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