UW Flexible Option: Financial Aid FAQ

This document answers various inquiries regarding Financial Aid with the UW Flexible Option

For an overview regarding Financial Aid with the UW Flexible Option: Financial Aid Brief

Can federal work-study be awarded to Flex students?

  • The US Department of Education recently awarded approval for federal financial aid for direct assessment. Until systems are in place at CEOEL and UWC, Flex students are not awarded federal financial aid, including federal work study. In the event federal financial aid becomes available to Flex students, the following guidelines will be  used. At UW-Milwaukee, if a student indicates federal work-study (FWS) on his/her FAFSA, and funding is available, s/he will be packaged with an FWS award. Awarding of FWS does not entail that there is a position available for the student on campus and the student will have to pursue a job search. At UW Colleges, students will not automatically be packaged for FWS (even if they indicated that they would like to receive it on their FAFSA). A student will be packaged for FWS only after s/he shows intent by searching for available positions on UW Colleges campuses. 

How are Veteran's benefits certified?

  • The Veterans certifying official at the degree-granting institution currently manages the Veteran's certification process.  Carey Wilson at UW-Rock County is the UW Colleges single point-of-contact for veteran's certification. The UW-Milwaukee contact is Jim Schmidt.

    Certification for Post 9/11 federal benefits occurs at the end of a subscription period.  As a result, students receive any housing benefit in a lump sum at the end of the subscription period rather than as a monthly stipend.  Students do not need to pay their tuition upfront, it will be deferred to the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. 

    In the future, the Veterans certifying official at the UW-Extension Office of Student Success will manage the benefits certification process.

If a student enrolls in overlapping enrollment periods, how and when is SAP assessed?

  • At this time, students are not permitted to enroll in Flex subscription periods that overlap award periods; they may enroll continuously or they may take a break and return at a later time. The financial aid directors at UW-Extension and UW Colleges are working on how and when SAP is assessed.

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