UW Flexible Option: Admission/Bursar/Graduation FAQ

This document answers various inquiries about Admission, Enrollment, and Bursar information regarding the Flex Option.



For an overview on Flex Option Admissions information: UW Flexible Option: Admissions Brief

Does the UW Flexible Option admission counselor make admission decisions on his/her assigned prospective students?

  • Admissions decisions are made by UW-Extension, Office of Student Services admissions personnel based on institution- and program-specific criteria. 

Are "Special Students" allowed to enroll in UW Flexible Option competency sets?

  • UW-Extension, Office of Student Success, admits degree- and/or certificate-seeking students to UW Flexible Option competency sets. Special students (e.g., high school students, international students) are not admitted at this time.  Institutions that offer UW Flexible Option programs may use internal 'special student' status if a student enrolled in one institution takes competency sets at another institution.

    In the long term, UW Flexible Option programs intend to admit special students.

Can students simultaneously be enrolled in Flex and standard programs?

  • Students can enroll in competency sets across institutions offering Flex programs.  For example, a degree-seeking student enrolled in a UW-Milwaukee program who needs general education competencies can enroll in UW College competency sets. For the first six months of Flex (January - Jun 2014), students could enroll in Flex OR in traditional on-ground or online courses, not both. Starting July 2014, students can enroll in Flex and traditional courses as long as the traditional courses are with an institution that does not offer Flex.  Students who elect to enroll in Flex and traditional courses must be aware of financial responsibilities (i.e., federal financial aid cannot be used to cover Flex tuition.) 

    The goal for future Flex is that students will be allowed to enroll in both Flexible Option and traditional coursework simultaneously at any UW institution as well as in competency sets across multiple institutions

How are Admissions data transferred into campus-based PeopleSoft?

  • Admission data are sent to the applicable partner institution via a modification to the EPCS data feed.  The institution then imports the student data.  The only exception is UW Colleges because UW Colleges uses the same instance of PeopleSoft as the UW-Extension, Office of Student Success, and therefore does not need to load data.

Are UW Flexible Option students required to take placement tests?

  • Incoming students without college-level math and/or English are required to take placement tests as part of the admissions process.  Depending on the testing option that the student chooses, a  $40 placement test fee may apply.  Students have the choice to take foreign-language placement tests.

Can students be 'conditionally' admitted to a UW Flexible Option program?

  • Students can not be 'conditionally' admitted to UW Flexible Option programs.  (Note that conditional admissions is under consideration as Flex evolves.)

Does UW Flexible Option require high school transcripts for transfer students?

  • For now, yes, high school transcripts are required.  Students who previously attended a UW Flexible Option partner campus as a degree seeker prior to attending another institution are exempt from this requirement.

Can students in a regular course transfer to Flex option to "finish" the "course"?

  • Students are not allowed to transfer from a traditional course-equivalent to finish the course in the UW Flexible Option, competency-based modality.  

Who is required to take the Flex Fit assessment?

  • All applicants to a UW Flexible Option program are encouraged to take the Flex Fit assessment prior to being considered for admission.

What information is asked in the Flex-Fit?

  • The Flex Fit self-evaluation is designed to help prospective students determine if they are prepared for online coursework. We currently offer prospective students the opportunity to take the SmarterMeasure assessment, a valid and reliable way of estimating a student's readiness for learning. Questions are arranged in seven domains: Life Factors, Personal Attributes, Technical Competency, Technical Knowledge, and Reading Recall.  Results are summarized in a pdf report that prospective students and ASCs can use to identify areas of student strength and need.

What is the procedure if a transcript or outside required information arrives before the application is submitted?

  • All incoming transcripts and other required documentation are scanned into ImageNow and attached to completed eApplications. Documents that do not match a completed application are housed in a designated queue. When a completed eApplication arrives, the Flex admissions specialist searches the scanned documents, including the designated queue, and attaches applicable documents to the completed application.

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 Bursar Office

For an overview on Bursar information regarding the Flex Option: UW Flexible Option: Bursar Brief

When is tuition due?

  • Tuition is due the tenth day of the subscription period (the 11th day of the month.)  

What methods are accepted for the payment of tuition?

  • Students enrolled in a UW-Milwaukee degree or certification program pay tuition directly to UWM using a payment method(s) accepted by the campus. Students enrolled at UW Colleges pay tuition directly to UW Colleges, using a payment method(s) accepted by UW Colleges. Students enrolled at UW-Parkside pay tuition directly to UW-Parkside, using a payment method(s) accepted by UW-Parkside.

    In the future, students will submit tuition payments to UW-Extension, Office of Student Success. Students will be allowed to remit tuition via credit card, check (personal or cashier's), or money order.  No cash will be accepted.

Where are student refunds and reimbursements managed?

  • Refunds for application fees are handled by UW-Extension, CEOEL, Office of Student Success.  All other refunds/reimbursements are handled by the institution in which the student is enrolled (UW Colleges, UW-Milwaukee or UW-Parkside.) After bursar functions are centralized at UW-Extension, CEOEL, all refunds/reimbursements will be handled by the UW-Flexible Option Bursar Office.

Are proctoring fees for students covered by student tuition payments?

  • Proctoring fees for students are covered by student tuition payments.

Can Veterans benefits be used to pay for Flex?

  • Federal and state higher education benefits for veterans are generous but are characterized by complex and overlapping eligibility rules, time limits and benefit levels. In general, students eligible for the federal Post-9/11 GI Bill can have up to 100% of their tuition and fees paid as well as receive up to $1,000 annually for books and supplies. In addition, Post-9/11 GI Bill eligible students are eligible to receive a monthly housing payment if they are enrolled more than half-time.  Consequently, Flex Option students who enroll in a single competency set are not eligible for a monthly housing payment while students enrolled in two or more competency sets may be eligible for a payment.   Wisconsin state law requires eligible students to access their federal Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits before accessing the Wisconsin GI Bill, a state mandated benefit providing tuition and fee remission for 128 credits to qualifying veterans as well as to the spouses and children of certain deceased and disabled veterans.  With few exceptions veterans are eligible for the Wisconsin GI Bill if they were residents of Wisconsin when they entered military service or they have lived in Wisconsin for five consecutive years prior to their enrollment in a UW program. 

How and to whom do students pay application fees?

  • Student application fee payment is initiated via eApp and collected by CashNet. If the applicant does not pay online, he/she can mail a money order or check (cashier's or personal) to:  University of Wisconsin- Extension, Office of Student Success, 5602 Research Park Blvd, Madison, WI 53719.  Checks should be made payable to University of Wisconsin.

What are residency requirements for tuition purposes?

  • There is no tuition differential for in-state vs out-of-state students.  There is simply a flat fee based on the subscription model the student selects.  Residency for all students is collected for reporting purposes; however, residency does not change the subscription price.

When is a student assessed a withdrawal fee?

  • Students are assessed withdrawal fees according to the following schedule:


    Subscription Period Day

    Prior to start until the 1st day

    1st through 10th

    11th through 20th

    21st through last day

    Withdrawal fee





    Tuition refund






When must a student apply to graduate?

  • Students who intend to graduate must apply for graduation on or before the tenth day of the final subscription period in which he/she is enrolled. 

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