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This article will provide information about Microsoft Loop.

What is Loop?

Microsoft Loop enables you and your team to bring all the parts of your project together in one place and collaborate across the apps and devices you already use. Loop combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and stay in sync across applications, enabling teams to think, plan, and create together. Check out the overview video below to learn more about the Loop ecosystem, including the Loop app, Loop components, and Collaborative notes in Microsoft Teams.

Who can use Loop at UWM?

You have access to Microsoft Loop through your Microsoft 365 account if you are a student, faculty member, or staff member at UWM. If you are an emeritus, annuitant, or hold a sponsored account at UWM, you will have read-only access to Microsoft Loop.

The following Items make up Loop:

  • Loop App: The standalone Microsoft application which allows you to have workspaces, pages, and components in one convenient location.

  • Workspace: A place where you can organize your work items. For example, different projects could be used as different workspaces.

  • Page: A place where you can organize your work items within a workspace. For example, different parts of a project could be different pages.

  • Content Block: The parts of content that make up a page. Content blocks can be turned into Components.

  • Component: A flexible piece of content. This could be a page, a content block, or a standalone component created in a Microsoft app such as Teams. Components can be shared and edited in real time across various Microsoft applications.  

The following table describes where you can use Loop:


Where to access

Loop App


  • Loop App – Online


  • Loop App – Online
    • Part of a workspace
    • Can be accessed from a shared link.
    • Can be turned into a component and shared/accessed via Microsoft apps.

Content Block

  • Loop App – Online
    • Part of a page
    • Can be turned into a component and shared/accessed via Microsoft apps.


  • Loop App – Online
  • Teams
  • Outlook – Online
  • Word – Online
  • Excel – Online



Use these resources to get started using Microsoft Loop:

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