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Duo Mobile - Replacing a Device

If you replaced your mobile device with a new one, you will need to reactivate it in Duo Mobile before you can use it to authenticate with Duo.

Setting up the New Mobile Device

First, the new mobile device must meet Duo Mobile's minimum requirements:

  1. You must have a screen lock on the mobile device enabled which can be in the form of a password, PIN, pattern, a fingerprint/Touch ID, or Face ID. 
  2. Your mobile device may not be rooted/jail-broken. You must restore your device to the manufacturer authorized operating system to meet this requirement.
If your device does not meet these minimum requirements, you will receive the error message: Your administrator requires your phone to have a passcode.

Reactivate Duo Mobile

Next, you will need to reactivate Duo Mobile to get Duo Push working on your new device. 

This requires a secondary method of multi-factor authentication, which can be:

  1. The old device, via
    • Push Notification
    • Generating a passcode
  2. Secondary device such as Duo Hardware Token, Security Key, or tablet
  3. Generate a Bypass code, via the Duo Bypass Code page (additional information on Duo Bypass Codes can be found here).

You will need to complete multi-factor authentication in order to access My Settings & Devices, from where you can activate the new device. 

1. Direct your browser to the Duo Device Management portal.

2. In the Duo Prompt screen, click the My Settings & Devices link on the left-hand side:


3. Select your secondary method of multi-factor authentication to gain access to My Settings & Devices:


4. Click Device Options next to the device which you want to reactivate: 


5. Click Reactivate Duo Mobile for the device: 


6. Click I have Duo Mobile installed


7. On your iOS or Android device, scan the barcode with the app's built-in scanner and then follow the platform-specific instructions for your device. Once you scan the barcode successfully, click the Continue button and your device will be reactivated in Duo Mobile:


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