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SSC Campus (Kiosk Options) Student Services

The Student Services module is where users will define all student services available to the institution’s students via the advising center or tutor kiosk or a variety of other locations. It is important to note, that when you create a new Student Service, before it will become available for use, it must be assigned to a Location.

The default Student Service page will show you "All Student Services" that have been created.If you wish to view only advising services, click the Advising Services tab. If you wish to view only the tutoring services, click the Tutoring Services tab. It is important to assign at least one service as the default appointment reason after creating your advising and tutoring services. To update a default simply click on an advising or tutoring service to highlight them and then click Update Defaults.

To create a new student service, use the Add a Student Service link.

  • Name of Student Service: Name the student service something descriptive for both the students and faculty. This name will be visible throughout SSC Campus.
  • Abbreviated Name of Student Service: If using an abbreviated name in the advising center, type the abbreviation in this section.
  • Show Abbreviated Service Name in Advising Center: When checked, appointments for a student service will display the abbreviated name of the service in the advising center mode.
  • Active: When checked, this service will appear as an option in SSC Campus. If this service is no longer being offered as an option, un-check Active and the service will no longer appear on menus for selection.
  • Type of Service
    • Advising: If this service is used for advising, select this radio button then select from the below available advising options that apply to this service.
      • Allow Student to Schedule Advising Appointment: When checked, this service will be used, by students, to create advising appointments.
      • Only Allow Students to Meet with Assigned Advisors: This option only allows students to schedule advising appointments with their assigned advisors.
      • Add Students to Waiting List: This setting lets the students add themselves to the waiting list of any available advisor. (Kiosk based permission)
    • Tutoring: If this service is for creating tutor appointments, check this option.
    • Track Time: This option is for services that are used to track a student's time (both check-in and check-out). A good example of this option would be something like Study Hall or NCAA Meeting.
      • Include recorded check-in and check-out time in Study Hall: Checking this box allows this service's recorded time to count against the student's weekly study hall requirement. For instance, if you are defining the service for Study Hall, then you would want to check this box. If the recorded time is not to be counted against the student's weekly study hall time, this option should NOT be checked.
      • Allow check-in and Check-out Times from Different Locations: This option gives the student the ability to check-in from one location and then check-out from a different location. One example where this might be a good idea is if a student forgets to check out of Study Hall, if this option is checked, the student could use any kiosk to check themselves out of study hall (rather than forcing the student to go all the way back to the study hall kiosk to check themselves out.)
    • Record a Visit: This option is best used for simply tracking a student's attendance for a particular reason. This option does not require students to checkout, rather it simply tracks that the student was at this location for a particular reason. For instance, if the institution wanted to track the number of visits for Computer Use, this would be a good option. It won't track how long the student was there for Computer Use, rather just that they were there.
    • Emails Advisor: This option allows the student to email any advisor, from the kiosk, that has current availability at the same location.

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