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TapRide - How to request a ride

Below is a guide on how to use the TapRide service to request or cancel a ride.

Requesting A Ride

Launch the app and select University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee as the school system.


 You will then be prompted to sign in. Sign in with your UWM ePanther credentials


Once signed in, you will be brought to the main screen where you will be able to begin requesting a ride. At the top you will see the average time it takes for you to be picked up. TapRide is still a new service, so more rides will need to be submitted for the Average Pick Time to display a time.

To begin a ride, simply tap the Start A Ride button at the bottom of the screen.

The following screen will ask you to select your pickup location. The grey icons on the map are pre-placed addresses that you can tap to select. You may also tap anywhere on the map to select that as your pickup location. You can also tap the search button at the top right of the screen to manually type in an address.

If you tapped the search button, the following screen will appear. Simply type the address you wish to set as your pickup location.

Once you have selected an address, simply hit the Next button at the bottom right of the screen.

Note: If the selected pickup location is outside of the approved service area, you will receive the following error. Simply tap the X button to the right of the message to re-select a pickup location inside the service area. The service area is marked by the grey outline on the map (outlined in red in the following image to clarify the area).


Once you have selected a pickup location, you will be asked to select a dropoff location. Simply follow the same steps as above to select a dropoff location and tap the Next button at the bottom of the screen. 


Once you have selected your dropoff location, you will be asked to input how many passengers will be coming along including yourself (max 6). Once you selected the amount of passengers, simply tap the Submit Ride button. 

 Once a ride is submitted and a driver has received your request, you will be notified of their estimated arrival time (ETA) at the top of the screen.

Once the driver has arrived to your pickup location, you will receive a notification that the driver is outside ready to pick you up.

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Ride Restrictions


Minimum Distance: Your ride must be at least 1000 feet from pickup to dropoff.

BOSS Closed: If the BOSS service is closed, you will not be able to submit any ride requests.

Campus to campus rides: Any campus to campus rides such as Kenilworth to Riverview; Campus to Kenilworth; Riverview to Cambridge Commons; etc, can only be fulfilled by Prowl Line

Rides to the Zilber School of Public Health: Rides to Zilber stop after 9PM as the Off-Campus Shuttle is closed.

Rides to the Freshwater Sciences building: Rides to Freshwater Sciences building stop after 9PM as the Off-Campus Shuttle is closed.

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Cancelling A Ride:

You may cancel a ride after you have submitted a request for a ride. In order to do so, begin by tapping the Cancel Ride button at the bottom of the screen. 

You will then be asked to submit a Cancellation Reason. Choose one and the ride will be canceled.

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Contact Information/Escalation:

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Transportation Services at 414-229-4000 or



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