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Office 365 (Outlook on the web) - How to share your O365 calendar with external collaborators

The following are two solutions on how to share your Office 365 calendar with external collaborators.

Important Note: Each of these solutions has a different kind of compromise. In the first solution, the recipient can view a live version of the client's calendar, but it cannot be merged into their Google Calendar. In the second solution, the recipient can add the client's calendar to their Google Calendar, but it will only be accurate as of the moment it was shared. If the client changes their calendar at all after sharing it, the recipient will not see any updates.

If the client was hoping to have their calendar added live to the recipient's calendar, this is unfortunately not possible.

Click for Solution 1

Click for Solution 2

Next, click the Gear icon and click Calendar under Your app settings.

Under Shared Calendars, click Publish calendar.

Select the calendar that you wish to share from the drop down menu.

Next, select the permission levels.
Note: The options are Availability Only, Limited Details, or Full Details. The recipient of this calendar will not be able to modify it in any way. These permission levels only change how much the recipient can view.

Click Save and select the first URL, labeled HTMLCopy and paste it in a email to the recipient. 

Note: The recipient will be able to view the calendar in a web browser. The recipient will not be able to add it to their Gmail account. Any changes that the client makes to their email will be updated live to the recipient's link.

This solution will allow the recipient to import the client's email into their Gmail account. However, any changes the client makes to their email will not update on the recipient's end. If any changes are made to the client's calendar, this process must be repeated each time.

Follow the same steps as solution one above, except instead of the first URL labeled HTML, choose the second URL labeled ICS. Send this link to the recipient. The recipient can enter this link into their browser, and it will download a file. This is the file that the recipient will upload to gmail.

The recipient should log into their Google Calendar (not their email). 

The first thing the recipient should do is create a new calendar. This new calendar is where all of the information from the client's calendar will be added to.

Next, they should click the Gear icon in the upper right (yes, gmail has a gear icon too), and then click Settings.

They should then click the Calendars tab at the top of the page. 

Near the middle of the page, there is an option called Import Calendar. The recipient should click this.

Next, the recipient will have to click Choose File and locate the calendar.ics file that they downloaded from the link provided by the client. Then, they will have to choose which calendar they want these events added to (this is why it is recommended to create a new blank calendar as mentioned earlier).

Finally, they can click Import. The information will be loaded onto their Google Calendar.

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