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SSC Campus (Case Management) Advising Center

The "Advising Center" tab allows advisors to monitor and maintain visits for students in their own or other advisors' queues. The tab displays various grids to help with these functions.

Students Who Have Checked In For Their Appointments

This grid shows any students who have checked in for an appointment and are waiting to see you. In other words, the student is in the waiting room ready to see you. When you are ready to meet with the student, click the circle beside the student and press the Start Appointment button in the "Actions" Menu. Doing this starts the appointment and brings up an advising report for you to fill out at the conclusion of the appointment.

Students In My Queue

This grid displays students who are waiting to see you, or the first available advisor. This queue only shows students that have dropped in to meet with an advisor. Students that show in this queue did not have a previously scheduled appointment, otherwise they would fall into the Checked In category. The list is sorted by placing the student who checked in first at the top. Along with this grid, you have given several options in the Actions Menu to manage the list of students.

Students In Queue For Other Advisors

This grid lists students who are on the waiting list for other advisors. This is perfect for when advisors want to help their colleagues meet with their students. They can simply select one of the students and click the Start Appointment button in the Actions Menu.


Each advisor will need to set their notification methods to be notified when a student visits the Advising Center. The settings for these notifications are selected by going to the Advisors home page and clicking the Advising Center tab. At the top of that page, the advisor can then choose to receive notifications by checking a box for: ding (audible), email or text message.  Following is a list of actions for which notifications will be received, and the types of notifications used for each. 

  • A student is added to a waiting list: Notifications are sent via ding(audible), pop up message (top right side of your screen), email and/or text message if selected. (See example below for an email notification).
  • An appointment is created: Notifications are sent via email (these notifications go out regardless, when an appointment is created).
  • A student checks in for an appointment: Notifications are sent via ding(audible), pop up message (top right side of your screen), or email. The email notifications that are sent are advising appointment emails e.g. A student has checked in for the appointment.
  • An appointment is cancelled: Notifications are sent via email. Email notifications go out when the student appointment is cancelled on their calendar.
  • A student is removed from the queue: Notifications are sent via pop up message.

Notification Bar

The Notification Bar (top left of your screen) includes the Advising Queue icon and provides a shortcut to the Advising Queue. There is also a link next to o student's name that will allow you to file a report for that student from the notification bar. Simply click Start Appointment. The Advising Queue title (next to the people icon) is also a link which will navigate you directly to your Advising Center when clicked.

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