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UW Flexible Option: D2L Access FAQ

This document addresses questions about Flex students and D2L.

FAQ Document

Are Flex students provided D2L access via the [ ePanther ] login and/or the [ non-ePanther ] login?
FLEX students taking UWM “competencies” (courses) login using the yellow ePanther button. They have UWM identities and get UWM email, Outlook, etc. They are created in D2L differently, but come the first day of their competency, they access it just as anyone else would.

On the other hand, FLEX staff, may or may not. UWM instructors teaching FLEX competencies will have UWM ePantherIDs and login using the perennial yellow button. But, staff from other UW institutions, such as CEOEL, Extension, Colleges, etc. will all have non ePantherID accounts to access D2L, if they have access at all – with 2 exceptions but they’re easy to spot because they have UWM emails and thus, ePantherIDs.

If a student doesn’t have access to their FLEX courses, or needs other help, the entry for support is UW Extension Technical Support: From there, they’ll get escalated accordingly. If FLEX students are sent to the UWM Help Desk please let Jeremy Gordon or David Delgado know. It may be correct to do so, but we won’t know unless we see the cases.

What are the students typically provided to login with? ePanther ID? Non-ePanther ID?

Q: Does the D2L Admin and D2L Team on campus provide these accounts to the flex students?
A: FLEX student accounts are treated internally to UWM almost exactly as non-FLEX students. They get almost all the perks and responsibilities, just on a somewhat shorter timetable – accounts expire faster, etc. So a student registers, gets into PAWS, and gets a UWM identity in IAM. The way they end up in D2L is unique but not important. What matters is that they function exactly the same way otherwise from the prospective of the UWM Help Desk. They register, they get a D2L account, they login using the yellow button, the competency set (course) opens close to the start of their period, they work.

Q: What happens if the flex student was a former attendee of the University, meaning they have an ePanther ID? 
A: If Jamie Lee with an ePantherID of jlee23 was a traditional student, they graduate, then they take a FLEX competency afterwards, their jlee23 account would be re-used.

Q: What happens if they never attended the University, meaning they don’t/never had an ePanther ID?
A: They would be assigned one per the rules enforced by the Registrar’s Office and IAM.

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