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Office 365 (Outlook on the Web) - Invite a Resource Calendar

These instructions assume you have been granted invite permissions to the resource you are attempting to interact with. If you have problems inviting the resource or are not sure what permissions you have been granted, contact the owner of the resource. If you do not know the resource owner, contact the Help Desk.

NOTE: When a resource is created, it is either configured as a room (conference room, lab, etc.) or equipment (project/vacation/laptop, etc.) type.

1. Log into Office 365 account via Outlook on the Web (OotW).

2. Go to Calendar in the upper left-hand corner.


3. Click the New button in the upper left.

4. Depending on the resource type, follow the specific steps:

  • Room (conference room, lab, etc.)
    • In the Attendees field, begin typing the name of the resource. Then click Search contacts and directory.
    • You will see a list of accounts with that value in a scroll-able window. Select the room you want to invite. The name of the room will be added to the "Attendees" field.
    • Skip to step 5.
  • Equipment (project/vacation/laptop, etc.)
    • If you know the email address of the equipment, place the cursor within the Attendees field and enter the email address of the resource and continue to step 5.
    • Otherwise, within the event edit screen, click the SCHEDULING ASSISTANT button located at the top of the event.
    • With the cursor placed within the "Attendees" field, start typing the name of the resource. NOTE: The search feature only searches from the beginning of the resource name. If you enter a word/term which is not from the start of the name, the resource will not be returned. You will either have to click on the Search contacts and directory link or you will be shown a list of all the resources which match the search term you entered.
    • Select the resource from within the returned list. It will be added to the Attendees field. Repeat this process for any other attendee/resource you want to invite.
    • Click the OK button. You will be returned to the event edit screen.

5. Enter the desired information within the rest of the event details and click the SEND button to initiate the event request. NOTE: You may want to use the Scheduling Assistant to verify if all the attendees, including the resource(s) you included, are available (free) before sending out the invitation.

NOTE: Depending on how the resource was configured, your invitation will either be automatically accepted or have to be accepted by the owner of the resource.

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